this is my idea for the new total drama world tour soundtrack i hope the show does have a cd

1;liberty walk miley cyrus

2;every roes has its throns;miley cyrus

3;scars;miley cyrus

4;my prince is comeing;izzy

5;my heart is beating;courtney

6;it is true love;sierria

7;permanent december;miley cyrus

8;my love is my world;dj courtney gwen

9;i have a letter;bridgette owen harlod

10;my world and love trent and gwen

11;rellay;izzy owen and harlod

12;you are very nice;izzy ft lisnday

13;love story;bridgette owen

14;my little world is sweat;the cast

bouns tracks

15;where are we;owen harlod izzy

16;in this world;cast

17;we are in london;courtney ft miley cyrus

18;take me along;miley cyrus




country pop

dance pop

tango pop

hip hop


country rock

southern rock

bubblegum pop


alternative dance [[Category:Umm... I think if they do have a Total Drama World Tour Soundtrack (which I hope they do!), it won't have ANY Miley Cyrus, because that makes NO sense, and the songs on it will probably be the songs that were actually sung in the show, considering there has been at least one song every episode.]]

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