Toon: The Adventures of Max Prime is a parody of a movie that was released in 2010.

Imagery and it incorporates many already existing themes into one large

movie - with a full running time of 82 minutes.


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[edit] Plot

The movie begins with Max Prime retrieving an energy crystal from an underground cave. He finds the crystals, but spots a large energy crystal in the cave as well. Max pulls out the crystal, which awakens the Crystal King, and he is chased through the cave. Just as he is about to escape, the Crystal King blocks the exit with a boulder. Max then wrestles the King using a power drill but is thrown out of the drill,and after that, he spots a pile of pencils, ink pens, rubbers and colouring pencils. He visualizes what he could draw: either a racecar, a hoverboard, or a slingshot. He decides to draw a slingshot and works. Meanwhile, the Crystal King realizes that Max isn't in the drill anymore, so he continues to chase him but gets crushed by a tower. Max finishes the slingshot and launches himself at the boulder. Just as he is about to escape, the crystal reveals itself to be a Rock Monster baby. He puts a stud pacifier in the baby's mouth then builds a stroller for it. Max returns the baby and apologizes, and is rewarded with an orange energy crystal. After this, he drives his Agents car back to the T.O.O.N (Technical Operation Office Network) building in Toon City, where he is introduced to a team of three (John `Red Soldier`, Laura Coyote(Sony-Mae's LU OC), and Tech E. Coyote) by his boss Ted Bennett that will help him in his next assignment: investigate a recent prison riot on the Star Command prison. The group travels to the prison in astronaut outfits. One of the prisoners, the evil wizard Saruman the White, attacks them and then leaves. They meet a surviving Space Ranger named Buzz Lightyear who explains to them that Saruman's plans to harness all the forces of evil together and steal the deceased King Caspian the Ninth's kingdom, now in the hands of Prince Caspian the Tenth. After a tip from Ted Bennett, the group travels to another world of Narnia. Max looks for the prince while the rest try to build a battle cart. Laura finds a dragon and befriends it while Soldier and Tech work on the cart. Max encounters Shrek the Ogre, who challenges him to three tests that will allow him to cross the bridge. He finds the prince, who refuses to help. So Max returns to his team, who have finished the cart and are about to attack Saruman's tower when the prince comes back and elects to help them. Max and the prince sneak into the tower while Laura wears the prince's costume and leads the knights against an army of undead skeletons with a large battle that ensues. Max and the prince finish off an enchanted suit of armor,but are captured and hung in a cage by Saruman. The knights retreat, and Laura, Tech, and Red crash the cart, in which they start to argue. But Max and the prince, whose images are reflected into the night sky, send the team a message: Toon, which is translated by them as "Create on each other." So Tech, spurred on by Laura, rebuilds the cart into a Off-Road Jeep. Laura flies her dragon in and frees Max and the prince, while Soldier flies in to finish off Saruman's dunce skeleton guards, Skelly and Bones. Max and the prince face off against Saruman. The prince arrests Saruman and the team returns to Toon City, where they are assigned their next mission.




  • Sean Astin as Max Prime
  • Cree Summer as Laura Coyote
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Tech E. Coyote
  • Rick May as Red Soldier
  • John Goodman as Ted Bennett
  • Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear
  • Billy West as Philip J. Fry
  • Mike Myers as Shrek
  • Jesse Mcartney as Prince Caspian
  • Christopher Lee as Saruman the White
  • David Kaye as Oliver Prime
  • Dragon
  • Skeletal Horse
  • Baby Rock Monster
  • Crystal King

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