This is the Tomorrowland Background Music for Disneyland Park in Canada. The Area Music is Also Heard at Tomorrowlland Terrace and Pan Galactic Pizza Port.

List of Tracks:


1. Miracles From Molecues

2. Seize the Future

3. Strange Things

4. There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

5. The Best Time of Your Life

6. Engery (You Make the World Go Round)

7. The Timekeeper Theme

8. Space Parnoids (From Kingdom Hearts II)

9. Feel the Flow (From Universe of Engery)

10. It's Fun to Be Free (From World of Motion)

11. Magic Journeys

12. The Monorail Song

13. Tomorrow's Child

14. Star Wars Theme

15. E.T. Theme

16. If You Had Wings

17. Here's to the Future and You

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