After Luffy's long journy he has become the KING OF ALL PIARTES he lives on Grand Line and Devil Fruit Island. Now Monkey Protgas D. Gol Trace and his Flare-Hat Pirates on the jounry to become the new King of The Piartes.The show will look just like One Piece and Ben 10 Ominverse, also The Avengers:Earth's Mightiest Heroes. It will be on Toon'In XD a new kind of Cartoon Network,also will premire with the channel.


Flare-Piartes-Gol's piartes that he grow up with all his life they all say they will become FAMOUS PIARTES once there teenagers or adults.

  • Momkey Progtas D. Gol Trace- Wonts to be the new king of the piartes but has the name of Gol Roger.

  • "Zorro"


No.| Episodes| Plot
New Piartes! New Moneky D.!|

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