The Wimblelings

The Show's title.

The Wimblelings is a program that was produced by Cartoon Network.


In a village called Wimbleville, There are magical creatures called the Wimblelings. Each critter have magic in their hearts. The main characters will be a Red Panda named Fuzuki, A Caterpillar named Pinkglow, A Female Coyote named Windsong, A buck toothed Hedgehog named Toothy and A Swan named Flowerling. I think the show will be animated and cartoonish for kids and will each have two 15 minute episodes. Other Wimblelings will be here along with a couple humans and a Bambiraptor named Rush. Spite is always looking out and is being a clumsy goat.

List of Wimblelings

The Wimblelings/Wimblelings

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