The Deleted Sequence Appear Throught Universe XP kingdom hearts: The Motion Picture. When Skids And Mudflap Alerts The Planet that Transformed into Satan During the Battle Of The Fortress of Souless.


Skids: We're In!

- Skids

Satan: (Roaring)

Mudflap: Aww Look at This Mother!

Skids: Mean Godzilla Suck!

- Running Away For out Satan

Optimus: Get Your Bastards Off Kairi!

Mudflap: Nobody Messes With Twins!

Evelyn O' Connell: Watch Out!

(Satan's Eyes Shooted Skid's Head and Not Dead)

Skids: Ow! Man Ya Shot Mah Face!

Frollo: Destroy Autobots, You Imbeciles!

Satan: Yes, as Ya Command!

- Autobots Will Escape them Off

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