The Tiny Zoo Friends Show is a 2013 kids comedy program that aired on Comedy Central (US), Cartoon Network (AU), Milkshake Five (UK), Cartoon Network Japan (Japan), ABC 2 (AU), YTV (Canada), France 4 (French) and Disney Jr Korea (Korean).

Info about The Show

Join the Jack Rabbit named Jax as he and his friends go on adventures.

Main Characters

  • Jax the Jack Rabbit (Male)
  • Nutters the Squirrel (Male)
  • Samantha the Glitter Fox (Female)
  • Sam the Swift Fox (Male)
  • Kip and Kit the Cubby Fox Twins (Kip the Common Fox, Male) (Kit the Bubblegum Fox, Female)
  • Squeak the Honey Possum (Male)


The Tiny Zoo Friends Show/Episodes

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