Nina Walch is a girl, who is a rad surfer, and Reba Griff is a lonely girl, who dreams of someday being a mermaid, then they switch places in order to keep Nina's bodyguard, Velaria from closing down the beach.


  • Nina Walch (Amanda Bynes) - a rad surfer who switches places with Reba, in the end, allows Reba to understand real life!
  • Reba Griff (Jennifer Lawrence) - a girl who dreams of being a mermaid, in the end, tells Nina to live her dreams!
  • Velaria Winters (Catherine Zeta-Jones) - the main antagonist, and Nina's bodyguard, and decides to close down the beach, in the end, is fired and is now the cleaner of the beach!
  • Ginger Griff (Sandra Bullock) - Reba's mother, who wants her to stop dreaming about mermaid stuff, in the end, realizes that her daughter has the eyes of potential!
  • Jericho Walch (Martin Sheen) - Nina's father, and guardian to her when she is surfing, in the end, sees his daughter as an independent!

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