The Squirrels Show is a 2012 animated program that aired on Animal Planet. It is based off the app Happy Squirrels.


The Squirrels live in a big city called Squirrel Village. The main character is Scout, A boy squirrel that lives in the village with his little sister named Sunny.

Main Characters

Scout: Scout is the main character of the show. He is smart and is always looking up to his friends.

Sunny: Sunny is Scout's little sister. She is always happy and is making colorful acorns from her brother's collection.

Nuts: Nuts is Scout and Sunny's next door neighbor. He is an albino squirrel and is always signing up for a contest.

Serene: Serene is Nuts' sister. She has a yellow flower on her head and wears a yellow summer dress with orange flowers on it.

Other Characters


Vegetable Garden: Ripe food for those that it fresh.

Ice Cream Shop: A wide range of flavors. They even have acorn flavour!

Coffee Shop: Exquisite coffee beans, hazelnut muffins and comfy seats.

Candy Store: Gumballs, lollypops, gummy squirrels, jelly beans...

Pizza Parlor: The best pizza you'll find in the forest!

Playground: Squirrels of any age can have fun in the playground!

Arcade: Some of the best videogames and pinballs can be found here.

Bumper Cars A small, but awesome part of the famous squirrel annual fair.

Mini Golf: One of the most popular sports in the squirrel community!

Tavern: Good, greasy food, and the finest root beer you'll ever drink.

Night Club: Jazzy tunes, cold beverages and lots of fun in the Disco!

Sauna: A soothing place for the squirrels to lie down and relax.

Observatory: The squirrels are always dreaming about visiting the moon.

Machinery Room: A tree can always use more energy to power the rooms.

Clockwork Room: Squirrels are fast, but it doesn't mean they're always on time!

Laboratory: Some of the nuttiest experiments are created in this lab.

Aquarium: Lots of exotic fishies are on display in the Aquarium.

Bookstore: Cozy ambient, hot drinks and the best novels you can find!

Hair Dresser: Nothing like a makeover to keep things fresh!

Sports Store: The perfect items for sunny days outside the tree!

Gym: Exercise! A perfect hobby for hyperactive squirrels.

Post Office: The squirrels love sending messages to other trees!

Hospital: Sometimes, even the happiest squirrel needs some treatment.


The Squirrels Show/Episodes

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