Spider-Squad is a miniseries written and drawn by Malachi Martin and published by Marvel Comics


The story begins in the year 2099, Miguel O'Hara is wondering why the evil scientist he put in prison a few years ago, he was released a month ago and hasn't done anything evil yet, Miguel goes to investigate as Spider-Man his first thought of where he would be is Alchemax he was right and he found out that the Scientist wanted revenge and takes it out on all the Spider-Men and Women of the different times and dimensions so he builds multiple robots and sends them out to kill them all including Miguel. Meanwhile in the present day of Earth 616 Spider-Man is tying up a crook suddenly a Robot teleports behind him saying "Must destroy Spider-Man of Earth 616" a huge battle emerges and Peter ends up defeating it suddenly Madame Web appears behind him telling him that was not the only robot there were more copies sent through out time and space to kill his counterparts "They are all dead except your Counterpart from the year 1933, the year 2099, the world of Ninjas, the Earth 1315 and The Earth 1610" Peter asks what do they have to do? Madame Web states that Peter must combine forces with his counterparts and they must travel back in time and help their fallen counterparts survive their encounters with the Robots...


Peter Parker/ Amazing Spider-Man

Miguel O'Hara/ Spider-Man 2099

Peter Parker/ Spider-Man Noir

Peter Parker/ Ultra Spider-Man

Miles Morales/ Ultimate Spider-Man

Peter Parker/ Spider-Ninja

Video Game

There has been a video adaption of this comic. Its a free roaming style Spider-Man game, after you complete it you can switch to either Amazing, Ultimate, Noir, 2099, Ninja or the Ultra dimension. It was classed one of the greatest Beenox/Spider-Man games of all time

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