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Title Logo as seen at Comic-Con 2010

The Punisher: Redemption is an American cartoon series based on the popular character by Marvel Comics. This is the first of many animated Marvel Knights licensed comic book character television shows that will be premiering on television. It is currently being written by Tom Peyer, Garth Ennis, and Steve Dillon and premiered on SpikeTV on April 1st 2012


The series follows the unique stories of Frank Castle and his journeys through bringing justice to his crime ridden streets.


    • David Hayter as The Punisher
    • Wayne Knight as David Linus "Microchip" Lieberman
    • Max Mittelman as Kingpin
    • Kirk Acevedo as Jigsaw
    • John DiMaggio as Tombstone
    • Keith Ferguson as Barracuda
    • André Sogliuzzo as The Russian
    • Steve Blum as Bullseye
    • Cam Clarke as Daredevil
    • Stana Katic as Elektra
    • Brent Spiner as The Purple Man
    • Jamieson Price as The Gladiator
    • Nolan North as Det. Martin Soap
    • Kevin Michael Ruchardson as Col. Nick Fury


  • In March 2010, Joe Quesada announced that there was 'something new coming for those Marvel Knights fans'
  • In July 2010 it was announced at Comic-Con that a line of Marvel Knights television shows were on it's way and a trailer for The Punisher: Redemption was shown at the panel.
  • In February 2011 it was announced that Marvel Knights veterans Tom Peyer, Garth Ennis and Ron Zimmerman would be writing for the television show.
  • It's been said that Kirk Acevedo was chosen due to his role as Jackie Estacado from 'The Darkness'
  • It's been hinted by Nolan North that Deadpool may make an appearance, whether or not Nolan North will reprise his role as Deadpool is currently unknown
  • It's been said via an interview by Steve Dillon that unlike in the comics, Martin Soap will not be so clumsy, rather he would be a miserable detective who's partner was killed during a crossfire.

Episode List

Season 1:

Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Air_Date Summary
1 Redemption Begins April 1, 2012 Det. Martin Soap, a miserable detective who blames himself for his partner's death is assigned to a squad designated to finding The Punisher. It is there that he actuallys ends up meeting The Punisher, who tells him how he knows what it feels like to lose someone close to you from criminal scum. Det. Martin Soap now becomes a secret ally of The Punisher.
2 The Kingpin April 7, 2012

The Kingpin, who is angered by The Punisher ruining all of his operations decides to hire 'The Russian' an abnormally powerful hitman to kill the infamous vigilante. The episode ends with a cliffhanger with The Punisher being tied to a chair by The Russian and his men.

3 Russian Jigsaw April 14, 2012

Second part to the previous episode with the punisher narrowly escaping and defeating the russian only to be targeted by the man that had once attempted to kill him before, Bill Russo. The Punisher seeking redemption for the death of his family brutally assaults Russo and smashes his face into a glass pane. Russo survives with damaging repurcussions in that the surgeons had to stitch his face together like a Jigsaw puzzle.

4 Tombstone April 21, 2012

Kingpin realizing how powerful this Punisher vigilante is, he decides to hire Lonnie Thompson Lincoln a.k.a Tombstone to take out the Punisher once and for all. 

5 The Maggia April 31, 2012

The Maggia and Kingpin begin to work together, Det. Martin Soap seeks out information about the Kingpin for Frank Castle so he could get a better understanding of his enemy. A man known as 'Barracuda' who seems to have a past with Frank Castle tells them he'll let the punisher know who's really being punished now.

6 War May 8, 2012

Punisher is attacked whil he is at a coin operated laundry, then again as he enters a public restroom and it is then that he realizes he's targeted by the wrong people. Punisher, now acknowledges to his allies that they're at war now.

7 Allies with the Devil May 12, 2012

Punisher is approached by a man who calls himself 'Daredevil', he read about him in the papers but never knew he actually existed until now. Daredevil claims that the maggia has teamed with a ninja clan known as 'The Hand' and that a former enemy/lover is after him and he wishes to help Punisher in his newfound war.

8 Judgement May 12, 2012

Punisher begins his war against Kingpin and his men, with Daredevil aiding him later on in the fight in a surprise tactic. Detective Martin Soap also aids the two heroes against the criminals.

9 Atonement May 12, 2012

Kingpin is mortally wounded, only narrowingly escaping Punisher's wrath. Martin Soap is relieved from duty after using his firearms to fight criminals without any warrant or anything. He's soon wanted for aiding a vigilante criminal and is coming to face heavy charges until The Punisher comes in and saves him. Microchip then tells Martin that "He's family now"

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