Tobe and his Ninjas takes over Soga village after separating Garu from Pucca,now Pucca,Abyo,Ching and Soso must find Garu so Sooga village can be saved.


Most of cast from the 2006 Pucca tv Series reprise the roles

Tabitha St. Germain -Pucca

Brian Drummond - Garu/One of Tobe's Ninjas

Chantal Strand - Ching

Lee Tockar - Abyo/Tobe

Kathleen Barr - Soso

French Tickner -Santa/Santa look-a-likes

Richard Newman - Master Soo

Brian Dobson - Uncle dumpling

Michael Dobson - Ho

Dale "Fish" Wilson Linguini

Movie Characters

Richard Steven Horvitz - Deen

Roger Craig Smith - Craig

Sam Marin - Silly Man

Steven Blum - Purple Ninja

Derek Stephen Prince - Periwinkle Ninja

Dave Wittenberg - Farmer boy

Bridget Hoffman - Farmer Girl

Melissa Fahn - Gamer twin 1

Mae Whitman - Gamer twin 2

Dee Bradley Baker - Mr. Egale

Logan Wells - Little Boy

Cora Baker - Little Girl

differences from the 2006 Tv series

  • Pucca and Garu have Telepathy to talk
  • Garu now uses twin swords when fighting evil
  • Destiny the dragon is repace by Mr. Egale


  • Purple ninja and Periwinkle ninja act like the zebria brothers from Hero 108.
  • The Movie characters and there voices were not in the 2006 Pucca tv show.

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