• Alexandros Martinez
  • Alex Mohr
  • Alyssa Mohr
  • Natalia Sagar
  • Heather Childress


Alexandros Martinez falls head over heals in love with Alyssa Mohr's sister, Alex Mohr.


Alexandros goes into his room and gets his coin bottle to go to the movies with his girls. Alex Mohr manipulates Martinez into giving her his money, even Zack (his cat). She promises to be Alex's friend if he steals money from his parents' wallet. There would be no givebacks, as Alexandros and Alex are a couple. She even gets to visit Alex's house.

At the movies, Alex is robbed of every penny. When Alex and Alex were seated together, they see Natalia and Heather watching the movie as well. Natalia goes to get the popcorn. Alexandroscalls her a moron, after making a sarcastic comment on Alex/Alex. When she gets back, Heather Childress dumps Soda all over Martinez and shoves him for calling her friend (Natalia Sagar) a 'moron'.

Back home, Alexandros breaks up with Mohr because he was robbed of his soul, money, and dignity. Mohr cries after he neclects to give her Holly (his other cat). In the end, Mohr offers to be Martinez's girlfriend if he drives her to a Walgreens, nearby. Alex reluctantly agrees to do so.

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