original, followed by chyanged


Look Into My Eds

  • The candy store sign has a hjawbreaker on it instead of a car
  • The cardboard bus is colored Blue, Teal, and green
  • When the horn is blown in eds ears, eds eyes bugg out
  • When Ed is left behind, it is sunset
  • The Mailtruck has a mailman on it instead of a winged envelope
  • the mailbox is colored blonde
  • for the remainder of the episode, Ed's teeth appear bucked
  • When the hypnowheel is spun, it flashes ornage for a short 2 seconds
  • When Edd hypnotizes Ed, Ed's eyes turn teal
  • Whenever Eddy hypnotizes someone their eyes turn light purple
  • The Eddy's slaves are dehypnopotized, their eyes turn back to normal, and a ding can be heard\
  • When Ed hypnotized Rolf, Rolf's eyes turn light blue
  • When another c0mmand is given while a person is hypnotized, the colors the eyes have at the time change darker
  • When the Eds are hypnotized by the Kankers, the Eds' eyes turn yellow

Home Cooked Eds

  • The Kankers' trailer changes color from scene to scene, starting with Green
  • When you see throught the camera it's colored in
  • Lees visor is colored blue when the kankers are in the trailer
  • When the Eds are in the Kankers' TV, Their tongues are the only things colored in
  • When Eddy rubs ed's head on Edd's armpit, it leaves a purple smear
  • the wheeel on the wall is replaced with a dartboard with a pircture of Kevin on it
  • When Th kankers get the lovey dovety idea, Marie's eyeshadow is fuschia
  • When Ed swipes tghe couch Lee's visor is colored gree, like Eddfdy's tongue
    • also, Marie is wearing an eye patch
    • May is wearing a Tiara
  • When Lee ntakes out the Eddy's house pamflit, a picture of Eddy can be seen on the bacl cover
  • When Marie takes out her hat and puts it o Edd, it is colored grassy green

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