The One Girlz (2012 TV Series) is a TV Shows in Nickelodeon Nicktoons Characters and Nickelodeon Stars.


  • Emily Halm
  • Savanah Easton
  • Sarakate Berkheimer
  • Josie Bulitt
  • David Bulitt

Recurring Characters

  • Jack Halm
  • Thomas Halm
  • Luke Strang
  • Patrick Silvermen
  • Jake Wood
  • Katie Silvermen

Guest Characters

  • Baby Emily
  • Baby Savanah
  • Baby Sarakate
  • Baby Josie
  • Dancing Lobster
  • Skull Man
  • Mr. Monkey
  • Gill The Duck
  • Little Panda
  • Tommy the Cow

Season 1 (2012-2013)

No. # Title: Synposis Directed By: Written By: Original Airdate Production Code
1 1 Pilot When Emily, Sarakate, Josie, & Savanah when to the Airplane to trip to Los Angeles. TBA TBA June 23, 2012 101
2 2 Robot Man/Mini One Girlz Emily got Invention to Robot Man He's a Heroes/Emily and the Gang getting a Baby it's called Mini One Girlz TBA TBA June 30, 2012 102

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