The Next Level is a Disney XD Original Series, and it focuses on a high school student, singer and video game expert Darryl Higgins (Leon Thomas III), who is an expert on video games and loves playing them but one day change it all until he meets Rover Cybernet (Jake T. Austin), a teenager from the cyberworld comes for help to tell him that he is the only cyberteen left of excistance and has no where else to go, so Darryl offers him to stay with him and from out they enbark a brand new friendship and awsome adventures.


  • Leon Thomas III as Darryl Higgins
  • Noah Munck as Dave Stephens
  • Abigail Breslin as Jamie Weaver
  • Jaden Smith as Clinton Higgins
  • Katherine McNamara as Sandy Finn
  • and Jake T. Austin as Rover Cybernet

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