• Stacy Mengel
  • Christian Martinez
  • Elisa Martinez
  • Alexandros Martinez
  • Villians
  • Mr. Newman (Cameo)
  • Vince Martinez


When the girls clean the house for Stacy Mengel, she gives them a dollar coin each for their hard work. Christian then tends to get excited and accidentally knocks out one of Alex's teeth. He apologizes repeatedly (due to his worry-worthy idea that the Stacy Mengel will take his reward away) and Alex officially forgives him the next day when he gets a dollar from the Tooth Fairy and Christian realizes the more teeth you lose, the more money you get. He tries to knock out Alex' teeth again and the Stacy Mengel tells him, "I know you’re the toughest fighter and you like to play rough, but under no circumstances are you allowed to knock Alex's teeth out -- or Elisa's." After facing disappointment, Christian fights a bad guy and his teeth fall out. With a greedy grin, Christian beats up every bad guy and steals their teeth for the money. Then one day when no crimes are comitted, Christian finds his worst enemies and knocks out their teeth and takes off with them. All the villians go to the dentist and they all agree that this is not suppost to happen and they have to have revenge. Soon Elisa, Alex, and Stacy Mengel find out what Christian is doing behind their backs and for punishment they trick him into being beaten up by the villains she harmed resulting in her teeth being knocked out. Then, Stacy Mengel uses all of Christian's teeth money for his dental bills and Alex and Elisa are looking at Christian happy on punishment.

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