• Lorna Martinez (Villian)
  • Amy Golden
  • Mr. Newman
  • Elisa Martinez
  • Christian Martinez
  • Alexandros Martinez
  • Nick Herrin's Gang
    • Alex Farr
    • Tyler Mills (leader)
    • Scott Halo
    • Adam Lind
    • Kenny Bowen


The Martinez Children are faced with the mysterious disappearance of 3 Egyptian Artifacts; little do they know it is the Nick Herrin’s Gang under the training of Lorna. After 2 robberies with no evidence left, the Nick Herrin’s Gang is seen stealing the third artifact. Christian admits being ignorant for undermining the ability of the Nick Herrin’s Gang twice before hand. Lorna gains power to destroy Redondo Beach and the Martinez Children and they have no way to stop her. Tyler Mills tells Elisa that it is the tiara that holds the magic, they were tricked by her and wanted revenge. Lorna is distracted by Christian and Alexandros while Elisa removes the tiara. Lorna loses all power including her hair once again and is put in jail. Mr. Newman receives his scepter back but he still believes the scepter is a candy cane and it is originally stolen from his "personal candy cane collection".


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