The five different Olympics hero teams (Schuss Black Team, Optimus Prime Blue Team, He-Man Red Team, Brave Little Toaster Yellow Team, and Captain Simian Green Team) are almost too late to crash Mok Swagger and Holli Would's wedding.

This begins with a plan devised by Norick, one of Optimus Prime Blue Team.

Norick: "So, here's the plan. We are going to gatecrash the wedding of Mok Swagger and Holli Would, two of our sworn enemies, the Evilland Olympic Team"

Isaac: "Is that our plan?"

Norick: "Yes, it is, Earth Adept. We will break the windows of the Cathedral of Evil and infiltrate it."

Superman: "Sounds funny. We are going to..."

Others except Norick: "Crash the wedding?!"

Optimus Prime: "Yes! Our time has come! Now! Follow me and my four comrades!"

All: "Right!"

Adepts: "Sir, yes, sir!"

Meanwhile, in the Cathedral of Evil...

Megatron: (blows his nose) "Where's Holli? She's always here unlucky!" (blows his nose again)#

Queen Beryl: "Look! There comes Mok!"

Annihilus: "What is he doing there, Guts Man?"

Guts Man: "I don't know."

Switchblade Sam: "Why is he always before the bride?"

All other villains: *wispering*

Meanwhile, the heroes are running in the arctic landscape...

Optimus Prime; "Quickly, you men! Hurry!"

All: "Go! Enough of this wedding! Go!"

Norick: "Optimus, get on my back!"

Optimus Prime: "Right!"

The heroes realise they never lose hope.

Holli Would arrives in the cathedral...

Megatron: "Ah! There she is!"

Dr. Blowhole: "She is beautiful!"

Darth Vader: "What a lovely lady..."

Martin Brisby: "I can only hope!"

Bizarro: "Me not love her!"

In the arctic landscape of Evilland...

Schuss: "HURRY!"

Brave Little Toaster: "We need to hurry!"

He-Man: "Hurry! Quick! Climb the wall!"

Captain Simian: "Let's do it!"

In the Cathedral...

Lord Nebula: "Will you marry this man?"

Holli Would: "I do..."

Lord Nebula: "And will you marry this woman?"

Mok Swagger: "I do..."

The heroes hurry up!

Optimus Prime: "Quicky! We're almost too late!!"

As Mok kisses Holli and gives her the One Ring...

Lord Nebula: "May you kiss the bride? I now pronounce you man and... what the-?!"

Optimus Prime: "Attack!"

Bill Rizer: "Storm! JB! Laser Lance, now!!"

Storm: "Got it!"

JB Reese: "Laser Lance Command, Now!"

Kumamon: "Crystal Breeze!"

Master Xandred: "Noooooooooo!"

Bucky O'Hare: "It's over, Mok and Holli!"

Megatron: "Never!"

After a neverending battle, only the Heroes emerge victorious!

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