The Loud House Movie
Directed by
Kyle Marshall
Produced by
Adam Cohen
Randolph Heard
Scott Peterson
Robert Mittenthal
Michael Rubiner
Screenplay by
Jonathan Aibel
Glenn Berger
Based on
The Loud House by Chris Savino
Edited by
David Burrows
Justin Johns
Pablo Plaisted
Music by
Doug Rockwell
Distributed by
United States
Release date
February 7, 2020
120 minutes
$30 Million

The Loud House Movie (also commonly known as The Loud Movie) is an American animated family fantasy adventure action comedy-drama musical film produced by Nickelodeon Movies and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It is based on the Nickelodeon television series, The Loud House. The film stars Collin Dean, Grey Griffin, Catherine Taber, Liliana Mumy, Jessica DiCicco, Cristina Pucelli, Nika Futterman, Lara Jill Miller and Chris Pratt. The film features the same charm and humor as the series while also incorporating a darker (similar to the series episodes "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House", "Butterfly Effect", "One Flu Over the Loud House", and "No Such Luck") and a more emotional tone and it is also more action-oriented. The theater version was released on February 7, 2020, and the DVD was launched on June 18th of the same year.


Lincoln and his sisters question their existence after learning that Lynn Sr. and Rita were supposed to have only 2 to 3 kids, not 10 to 11, disown their parents and run away. They're not helped by the fact that someone from their parents' past wants them dead and has recruited the people they annoyed to help him get rid of them, while they learn they've been developing powers since they were exposed to Lisa's chemicals that the villain tampered with in a previous attempt to kill them.


The production started when Nickelodeon and Paramount approached to Savino for a film based on the series. and Savino was at first, against the idea of producing a film for the show. However, later he stated, "I love these characters, and when I do this, I feel like the Loud family is part of my very own. When coming up with ideas to produce this film, I didn't want this to be a big adventure film with the Louds, but wanted this to be more about what the show was all about, and expand on the situations and past involved with these characters. I wanted to produce the film this way to show that this house of siblings was more than just stereotypes." The first trailer was shown at the 2019 New Year's Eve party at Nickelodeon Studios Orlando. However, due to a lack of production & Chris' termination because of sexual harassment allegations, the release date was moved to 2020.

The DVD has an audio commentary with Lincoln and his sisters, as well as Legion watching the film and doing a running commentary on it in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Before the opening credits, we see Lynn Sr. & Rita on a date at Bangers & Mosh as they meet a man named Maximus Vice who got a crush on her, while sitting on the table closest to them. After heading back to the apartment they're staying at, Maximus tries to kill Lynn only to get knocked out by Rita, though they didn't know it was him, because he escapes when they call the police, not before injecting Rita with a strange serum. A few months later, Rita's rushed to the hospital & gives birth to Lori, who stopped crying after Rita calmed her down with her phone. Then the opening credits begin. Several years later, we cut to Lincoln Loud. He wakes up & notices the audience. He introduces himself & tries to introduce his sisters, but has to chase after the audience. When the audience gets to Lucy, she's desperately picking up her fortune-telling cards before running off. After he goes into Lisa's room, he notices Lisa's experiment is about to explode. He tries to run but the explosion is so powerful it blows him out of the house & into the garage & crash lands on his girly bike. The bike & Lincoln go into the city fast. He tries to avoid people & accidentally destroys some stores, Flip's Food & Fuel & a few houses including the Tetherby residence. He goes through the sewage plant & national park. No one gets hurt though. After washing up onshore, he goes back home, puts the bike back in the garage & jumps through the hole where he was sent flying.

The sisters have been asking where he's been especially, Lisa. He lies to them & says he landed in the backyard. He then talks to the audience saying: "I know! Sometimes a white lie works for everyone", only for his sisters to overhear this. He then goes to school & everyone has been saying about a destroyer who destroyed the town. Lincoln gets nervous & for the whole day of school, he denied anything about him being the destroyer. Meanwhile, Maximus, having gotten a job as a government agent, arrives at Royal Woods, because of the incident. Later, Lincoln comes home to the sisters watching a news report. He gets even more nervous when the sisters say they want to kill the destroyer. He then turns the channel saying: "The news is not that interesting. I hear 90 percent of the news stories they tell aren't true!" He changes the channel to "Arrgh!" & after Lucy tells her siblings about how her cards told her that all their lives aren't going to same after the movie, a knock is at the door. He thinks it's Clyde so he gets the door, but it's not Clyde, it's Maximus who wants to ask questions to Lynn & Rita. When Lincoln & his sisters tell him, they aren't home and explain that they're their kids, Maximus is shocked, but manages to calm himself down & lies to them that he's a friend of theirs. Before he leaves, he talks to them and secretly sabotages Lisa's experiment. When Lincoln & his sisters ask about Maximus to their parents, they say he was an old friend & gives them a document. After Lincoln tells the audience that nothing that Lucy said is going to come true & brings up the document that their records have gone missing, Lynn & Rita then nervously tell them the truth that they were supposed to have only 2 or 3 kids, not 10 or 11 as they explained the startling result, which leaves them shocked & speechless, causing all of them, except Lily, to laugh which quickly turns into maniacal laughter & then to screaming & crying. Awhile later, showing the whole house as a mess and Lynn Sr. says to Rita "I knew they weren't going to take well, especially since they just found out about him." They then carry their unconscious bodies to bed, while Maximus assembles his allies to help them get back at the Louds but first ruining their lives since he recorded their meltdown thanks to hidden cameras, which the Daughters of Sin & the Louds' Rule 63 counterparts also saw the Louds reaction to the news while testing Levy & Levi's dimensional screens.

The next day, Lincoln, having got a hangover over what happened & then recovered, says "Darn it, I jinxed it!". He & his sisters refused to speak to each other as their parents take them to school. When they're at their schools though, Clyde & Ronnie ask Lincoln why did he give them an earful through the phone, when after Lincoln tells them he didn't do that, the schools hired some assemblies to show the Loud kids' meltdown, which thanks to Maximus, have gone viral, to the tune of "Combine Harvester", but eventually faint after taking their happy gummies laced with Xanax & a chandelier dropping on their heads, which causes everyone, but the Loud kids, to laugh, which causes them to run away to the bathrooms to cry which they stay in there for the rest of the school day. When they get back from school, though, they start to argue & verbally abuse each other about what just happened & accuse each other for recording their meltdown & begin fighting. Lincoln tries to reason with them, but when they don't listen, he says "That's it! I'm joining this!" & jumps in with them. Lynn Sr. & Rita see what happens. They slap their kids' faces when they keep arguing & called them a bad word, causing them to roar in anger, scream at the top of their lungs & go at each other. Lynn Sr. & Rita, regretting what they just did, barricade themselves & Lily in the Sister Battle Protoccol safe room. Besides the standard punching & kicking, there's also some of them being dragged around: Lori punches Leni a couple times, but she grabs her & they both tumble down the stairs with Leni landing on her head. Luna blasts Luan with her music, but Luan then short-circuited the speakers, only for Luna to respond by whacking her with her guitar. Lynn hits Lucy a couple times with the living room table until Lucy grabs Lynn's fist, curls her into a human pretzel & throws her like a bowling ball into Lola & Lana. Lincoln tries to get Lisa out his head until he rams her into one of the walls, breaking her glasses. Then they start picking up the furniture & start hitting each other with it until Lincoln throws Lisa's tampered with chemicals, causing an explosion which destroys the house & Lynn Sr. & Rita's safe room. Birds start flying away startled & everyone else hears the explosion & decide to check it out. This was also seen by the Daughters of Sins & the Louds' Rule 63 counterparts, which, worried about their well-being despite being just like them, started packing some things to bring with them & they reopen the portals & traveled through with the alternate Vanzillas.

It cuts to a Breaking News with the anchorman talking about what happened and the news reporter interviewing some of the residents. When he interviews Lynn Sr. & Rita, he gets interrupted by the Loud kids in the distance saying angrily "Why didn't you tell us before?!" a few times before lunging at the parents after they say it a third time, causing the news reporter to cut to technical difficulties. While that's going on, the anchorman talks about Lincoln and his sisters giving out some information and telling about some of the things they & their parents have done. After a commercial break, the anchorman learns that Royal Woods went into a town-wide brawl after one of Lincoln's classmates threw a drink at him to get them to stop beating their parents, which made Lincoln & his sisters go ballistic. This is confirmed when the reporter is shown trying to escape into his news van and the brawl is also shown from above by a police helicopter. The brawl gets so bad, curb-stomps litter the street, tear gas gets used & everyone gets dragged around or body-slammed. After it's all over, Lynn Sr & Rita get arrested & charged, the pets get captured by Animal Control & Lincoln & his sisters get sedated & sent to a juvenile delinquent facility. Lynn Sr & Rita are then sent to another jail & everyone else is under house arrest & martial law is installed. Linka & her brothers & the Daughters of Sin arrive & ended up finding out about each other. They then begin to look for Lincoln & his sisters, who are still arguing & fighting in the facility to the point they had to be separated. However, they're still filled with enough rage to break off the bars, defeat the guards who came after hearing the bars breaks & escape the facility, which is soon reported on. This shocks everyone under house arrest as well as Lynn Sr. & Rita who are watching the report in their cell & angers Maximus, who orders his minions & troops to find the Loud kids.

Lori manages to make it the ruins of the house first & salvages her phone but deleting all calls & numbers off, some golf clubs & some clothes & food in one of Lynn's gym bags as well as taking Vanzilla with her. She brings Lily with her because she's too young to be alone, though she does lose her later after burning Vanzilla, not caring about her. The rest of the sisters and Lincoln salvage their stuff and prized possessions as they go their separate ways. Meanwhile, Clyde & the other members of the Rescue Team break Lynn Sr. & Rita out, buy Veronica back, join with the Genderbent Royal Woods & the Daughters of Sin & go on their way to find the Loud kids. They immediately find new lives and find it hard to adjust to the contents with Lynn ending up in the streets and Lucy writing a poem named Ice Demon as well as discovering that they got powers. Upon adjusting to their new lives & powers, they sing and dance in the midst of the fateful turn of events. Later that night, the kids have a shared nightmare about a seemingly homicidal fusion named Legion Loud and wake up in shock. The Loud kids then confront Maximus Vice and his army but they are wounded one by one: first Lisa, then Luna, Leni, Lily, Lola, Luan, Lana, Lynn, Lincoln and Lucy but not before they take down Maximus' army and Lucy takes Maximus down by smashing a droid near him with a crowbar as she is flown into a wall and is wounded with the others. They die of their injuries and alert the attention of everyone in Royal Woods including the Genderbent Royal Woods and the Daughters of Sin as they look on in despair, though they fought their way to them.

They head back to Royal Woods and express their guilt from their actions towards them in previous episodes as they properly bury the Loud kids. However, a few moments later, Maximus and the villains (excluding the now-redeemed Flip) dig the bodies out of their graves and promptly fuse their minds and bodies to become Legion Loud as her components come back from beyond the grave and confirm that Legion's appearance in the Loud kids' shared dream wasn't really a dream but a future vision that Lucy predicted from earlier.

A day later, Howard checks on Rita and Lynn on if they still miss their kids. They nod their heads and say that the worst part is that this movie is the series finale, causing everyone, including them, to panic & end up in a meltdown similar to the Loud kids. Maximus & Legion, meanwhile, are watching this with the former laughing his butt off & the latter has war flashbacks to her components' meltdown & everyone laughing at her components. Maximus stops laughing & notices Legion's face and asks if she's alright. Legion dosen't respond, which makes him think he might have injected Leni's autism into her body & facepalms & says "Dang it!". Legion then puts a thumb in her mouth & starts sucking on it. Maximus then yells at one of his minions for putting too much baby traits in her & everyone starts arguing about this. Legion, who apparently hates seeing people arguing, uses Lincoln's powers to silence the group's voices. This worries Maximus, since it means that she also got the Loud kids' newly developed powers.


The Loud Children


Genderbent Louds

Daughters of Sin

Rescue Team

Outside Royal Woods

  • Jeff Goldblum as Lori's Boss
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Leni's Boss
  • Lala Sloatman as Leni's co-worker
  • Jeff Bennett as Mick Swagger, Bill Buck
  • Jeff Dunham as Luan's Mentor, Walter, Peanut, José Jalapeño on a Stick, Bubba J, Sweet Daddy Dee, Melvin the Superhero Guy, Achmed the Dead Terrorist
  • Brad Garrett as Lynn's Mob Boss
  • Stan Lee as Lincoln's Boss
  • Chris Hemsworth as Ace Savvy
  • Bear Grylls as Rip Hardcore
  • Brian Stepanek as Hunter Spector
  • Lewis Lovhaug as Marty
  • Tara Strong as Great Grandma Harriet (Note: She appears as she did in the photo from the episode Spell it Out)
  • Dr. Phil as Lola's Psychiatrist
  • Karsyn Elledge as Bobbie Fletcher
  • Bill Nye as Lisa's Boss
  • Jared Knabenbauer as Jared
  • Kevin Smith as himself

Other Characters


Note: This isn't a musical even if Luna sings Where did all go wrong? from the Butterfly Effect, Lincoln & his sisters sing Singing in the Rain & Legion singing Never Gonna Give You Up.

Trailer Music

Movie Music

  • Death of a Bachelor - Panic at the Disco! (Note: This plays during Lynn Sr. & Rita's date)
  • The Loud House Mix - SB99 (Note: This plays during the opening credits)
  • My House - Flo Rida (Note: This plays when Lincoln introduces himself & sisters.)
  • Combine Harvester - The Wurzels (Note: This plays during the Loud kids' meltdown)
  • It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones (Note: One point in the meltdown, the Loud kids change the music to this, grab a microphone & angrily sing this on-key)
  • Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) - The Living Tombstone (Note: This plays as the technical difficulties music after Lincoln & his sisters tackled their parents in the news report)
  • Attention (Oliver Heldens Remix) - Charlie Puth (Note: This plays as Lincoln & his sisters are fighting Ronnie, Bobby, Rocky, Sam, Chaz, Benny, Francisco, Silas, Winston, Skippy, Darcy & David before being tranquilized)
  • Paradise - Coldplay (Note: This plays in a montage when the Loud kids sing and go their separate ways after salvaging what they could after their house was destroyed)
  • L.A. Devotee - Panic at the Disco! (Note: This plays when Luan finally reaches Los Angeles)
  • Where Did It All Go Wrong? - Nika Futterman (Note: She sings the full song from the Butterfly Effect)
  • Troublemaker - Olly Murs featuring Flo Rida (Note: This plays when Lynn ends up on the streets)
  • Ice Demon - Kevin MacLoed (Note: This plays when Lucy reads one of her poems what is also called Ice Demon online)
  • Singing in the Rain (Remix) - Gene Kelly, Mint Royale (Note: Lincoln and his sisters sing & dance to once they have gotten used to their new lives & have forgotten each other)
  • Dark, Darker Yet Darker (Remix) - Vetrom (Note: This plays when Lincoln & his sisters have a shared nightmare about Legion before the day before Maximus kills & fuses them into Legion.)
  • Lazarus - David Bowie (Note: This plays after Lincoln & his sisters die from their injuries, get taken back to Royal Woods & buried before Maximus digs them up so he could create Legion.)
  • Rockabye (Lodato & Joseph Duveen Remix) - Clean Bandit featuring Sean Paul & Anne-Marie (Note: This plays when Legion, under Maximus' command & control, fight the Daughters of Sin as they try to not to hurt her since killing her will erase them from existence.)
  • New Rules - Dua Lipa (Note: This plays when Legion is getting dressed & strutting down the street the day after Maximus' defeat & the montage of her doing things related to her components.)
  • Bon Appétit - Katy Perry featuring Migos (Note: This plays when Legion cooking some of the food for the party they're hosting as well as ordering some food & getting herself ready.)
  • Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley & Ashley Tisdale (Note: Legion sings to everyone at the party, but this remix is a mashup of both versions)

Dance Music

Specific Music

These music plays on the DJ station at certain points during the dance party depending on who pops up on the screen & Legion will dance like that Loud siblings & at times, Clyde & others dance with her depending on the Loud:



  • Lincoln & his sisters' initial reaction to the news is based off this.
    • Their response to everyone laughing at them including their friends & love interests because of their meltdown which was uploaded online:
    • Lincoln & his sisters' roar of anger after being slapped is technically this.
    • The scream they made after that was based off this.
  • Lincoln & his sisters' meltdown is based off Linkara's various meltdowns from Atop the Fourth Wall, Markiplier's WATCH IT & Computer Problems videos, ACRacebest's Bronies React: Twilight Spoiler minus the ending, The Greatest Freakout ever video, Joshcorcher's reaction of Alicorn Twilight minus the ending from his Magical Mystery Cure review, Stewie Griffin's temper tantrum from the Family Guy episode Chap Stewie & Nathaniel Bandy's various "How will Nathaniel Rage?" videos. Some of the things they say or do from those meltdowns in question include:
    • They all cry mostly during it & at one point, they smash their fists into their beds, drink their own urine and spit it out, snort a line of black pepper like cocaine & go on a sneezing fit, take an angry selfie, screaming like this & post them on social media with the text "WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!" attached to them, dump hot water, cold water or ice on their heads which cause them to take off their clothes, save for their underwear, storm in and out of the rooms, doing the Gangnam Style dance on the couch, singing It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones (Egoraptor style& later run around the house & the neighborhood naked as well as break the fourth wall by saying "Mom, Dad, we don't want to do this movie anymore!" & jump on their heads & then scream like maniacs going in a circle on the ground.​​
      • Lori
        • Talking to herself through her hands
        • getting on a treadmill & runs on it while continuing to up the speed
        • make out with a pillow
        • takes the Cinnamon Challenge
          • NOTE: Her reaction is based off of this
        • smashes one of her feet with a jackhammer
        • calls Bobby & rants to him about what's happening
      • Leni
        • tries to cut herself with a plastic knife & says "Why doesn't this work?!"
        • tries to lick one of her elbows
        • rams her into a wall causing her to clench her head
        • says "Why can't i computer?! Why?!?" & hitting her head against a keyboard several times
        • jumps into a trash bin & hop around until falling over
        • swimming on the couch with Lincoln & Lana
        • gets into a staring contest with Bun Bun & says "I will win this staring contest!"
      • Luna
        • reading one of Rita's erotic novels & says "This is so deep."
        • punch a brick several times
        • plays the piano with her head which Lynn Sr. says "When did we get a piano?"
        • smashes an egg on her head
        • angrily dance the Oceania Roll to the Loud House theme song
        • hits herself with foosball players from a foosball table which Rita says "And when did we get a foosball table?"
        • saying "I AM THE WALRUS! CO CO CACHOO!" (Note: It's a reference to the Beatles' song) before stage diving picks up a boom mike & looks at the camera in shock.
      • Luan
        • says "Go Web Go!" before deploying a slinky
        • squirt ketchup across her face
        • tries to rip her hair out
        • make several pies and destroy them
        • rubs her face against & across the floor
        • engulf herself with whipped cream
      • Lynn
        • punches herself in the face
        • karate chop a piece of wood & fail terribly
        • tries to eat a dry slice in 1 minute, but fails
        • arm wrestles with herself
        • throws a basketball into her crotch
        • punches Bun Bun
        • bite a full soda can in half
        • whip herself with a wet towel
        • attempted to pole vault with a bo staff, only to fall on her face
        • pour several of her balls onto herself
      • Lincoln
        • cuddles Bun Bun while crying
        • dumps a can of soda down his pants
        • rips pages out of his comic books
        • Swimming on the couch with Leni & Lana
        • says to Bun Bun later "Tell me your secrets"
        • go inside an empty box with Lucy, Lana, Lola, and Lisa and take a ride down a flight of stairs
        • saying "Bun Bun, Bun Bun we have to get out of here, We have to...", drops Bun Bun "BUN BUN!!!" and then points to the audience & says "YOU DID THIS!!!!!!"
        • later smelling something hot and turning to the audience slowly, saying, "I smell chicken."
        • calls Ronnie & rants about what's happening
      • Lucy
        • grab a shovel & smack herself in the crotch with it
        • slamming her hands on one of her books saying "Why aren't you giving me dark powers?!"
        • rips pages out of her poem book
        • slammed the book in her face afterward
        • go inside an empty box with Lincoln, Lisa, Lana & Lola and take a ride down a flight of stairs
        • dips her head into a bowl full of cockroaches
        • tries to suffocate herself with a plastic bag
        • plays 5 Finger Fillet with Lola and stabs her hand
        • reveals her eyes in one part to show that she's not right at all
      • Lana
        • dribbles her lips
        • plays with an electro-ball
        • flick herself with a rubber band
        • swimming on the couch with Lincoln & Leni
        • licks the inside of one of Lynn Sr.'s shoes
        • go inside an empty box with Lincoln, Lucy, Lisa, and Lola and take a ride down a flight of stairs
      • Lola
        • says to Lana while holding a bunny "Look at the pretty bunny! Look at the pretty bunnnyyy!", before breaking down crying
        • throws her chairs and table from her room
        • go inside an empty box with Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, and Lisa and take a ride down a flight of stairs
        • kicks concrete and hurts her foot
        • plays 5 Finger Fillet with Lucy and her hand gets stabbed
      • Lisa
        • says "My brain is trying to escape through my ear!!!" while clenching her head
        • step on LEGO blocks
        • go inside an empty box with Lincoln, Lucy, Lana & Lola and take a ride down a flight of stairs
        • shoves one of her remote up her butt
        • melting ice cubes with her legs, which she concludes is a bad idea
        • rips pages out of her research book
        • grabs a ping pong paddle and whack herself on the head several times
        • jump from a trampoline onto a cactus before screaming
    • After all that is said & done, they all say drunkenly "Okay. Our happy gummies have kicked in. The appropriate response to that piece of news is the Comedy Central clip" (cue clip [the f word gets censored for children level purposes]) "You tell 'em, Bill Nye. You tell 'em." before passing out after a chandelier falls on them.
  • The flashback of Lincoln & his sisters reading in their underwear is based off this & the ending of Harburton81's fanfiction Birthday Up to an Eleven.
  • The town-wide brawl was based on various sports brawls as well as the 2017 Berkeley protests including certain elements
  • During the dance party not long after Maximus Vice's defeat, everyone finds out that Lincoln & his sisters tried out some dances before the events of the movie, which they show off as Legion, though in no particular order. They also all tried out Freestyle modern Dance together.
    • Lori: Ballroom Dancing, Waltz (Note: Legion does this dance when dancing with Bobby)
    • Leni: Interpretive dance along with Jazz Hands (Note: Legion does this dance when dancing with Chaz)
    • Luna: Contemporary/Jazz, generally consisting of posing in various ways (Note: Legion does this dance when dancing with Sam)
    • Luan: Tarantella/Tapdancing (Note: Legion does this dance when dancing with Benny & Maggie)
    • Lynn: Hip-hop (J-pop, K-pop & Jazz influenced, generally verging on punk music), Capoeira (a dance-Martial Art hybrid) (Note: Legion does this dance when dancing with Francisco)
    • Lincoln: Latin Dance (Tango/Salsa) (Note: Legion does this dance when dancing with Christina, Paige & Ronnie Anne)
    • Lucy: Breakdancing, Popping & Locking with some Hip-Hop thrown in (Note: Legion does this dance when dancing with Rocky & Silas)
    • Lola & Lana: Jive, Swing (Note: Legion does this dance when dancing with Winston & Skippy)
    • Lisa: Hip-hop (J-pop & K-pop influenced, much closer to bubblegum pop music than hard rock) (Note: Legion does this dance when dancing with David)
    • Lily: Chinese Lion Dance, Ballet (Note: Since that's she was dancing like after she grew up to Lori's age due to the chemicals) (Note: Legion does this dance when dancing with Jared)
  • The way Lincoln and his sisters yell at their parents "Why didn't you tell us about this before?!" during the life coverage is based off this, since after saying this the third time they lunge at them before the news reporter puts up the technical difficulties card and the fourth & fifth time they say it distantly from their madness mantra after being tranquilized.
  • One interviewee says "But hey, it's just a theory, an odd theory" after talking about what he witnessed, which refers to his voice actor.
  • The way they dance while singing Singing in the Rain is based off the Volkswagen commercial.
    • The way Legion danced after saving Royal Woods is based off this & this.
  • It was supposed to be released in Summer 2019, but because of a lack of production, Chris' termination & scripts re-writes, the release date was moved to 2020.
  • The idea of Legion & how she was discovered is based off Patchwork, a horror comedy about 3 women find themselves stitched together into 1 body after a night on the town & get revenge on the man who created it.
  • Everyone's reaction to seeing Legion's fully developed body in a bikini she arrived at the pool & in her bra & panties when Clyde & the others are spying on her is based off this comic, but with nosebleeds added in.
    • Maggie's bikini is also based off the one from that same comic.
  • McDonald's has happy meals with toys based on this film
  • Lincoln saying, "MMMM...Cherry", as well as Legion saying, "MMMM...Doggie biscuits" is based off this
  • Maximus saying oh my god is based off this
    • Him saying "Clever girls.... and boy" before Lincoln & his sisters lunge at is based off this
  • These are the questions Kevin asks Legion when she guest stars on a podcast:
    • Are You As Tough As Lynn?
      • Who asked: Chandler
      • Legion's answer: Of Course!
    • What's your sexuality?
      • Who asked: Harold & Howard
      • Legion's answer: I'm coming as bisexual anyway, though I do have a couple of boyfriends & girlfriends.
    • How does control of the body work with 11 minds?
      • Who asked: Lisa's mentor
      • Legion's answer: Well, it's hard to have 11 minds in 1 body, so when Maximus created me, he merged our minds & souls into 1. That means all 11 minds gave their personality parts to make a one new mind & soul. It's kinda nice when minds merge.
    • What's your favorite hobby?
      • Who asked: the News Anchor & Reporter
      • Legion's answer: Let's see. Texting, dress up, listening to music, puppetry, exercising, reading comic books, video gaming, talking to spirits, getting dirty, spas, experimenting & playing with baby toys though I usually to like to do all of that in my undies.
    • Do you like Fine Dining, Fast Food & Sweets?
      • Who asked: Jared
      • Legion's answer: I don't exactly care & I do eat a lot, but the high metabolism keeps this body nice. Besides, I don't want to start making fat jokes.
    • What's your favorite type of movie: Action, Mystery, Horror, Romance, Comedy, Animated, Documentary or Supernatural?
      • Who asked: Clyde
      • Legion's answer: Animated supernatural mystery horror documentary with elements of comedy & action
    • If you were somehow split up, will you remember what happened as Legion?
      • Who asked: Maximus
      • Legion's answer: You see, when someone merges not only their body with someone, but also mind, they know everything about person they merged with. That's why if we merged, we like not to separate. It's better to be a single soul, than many who fight with each other.
  • According to an interview with Chris Savino at Comic-Con 2017, the events of this movie will be separate from the actual series.
  • Legion's tear-ridden & livid rant to Maximus is based off RowdyC's rant about the Jew joke from his review of the Family Guy episode Road to the Multiverse on TV Trash.
  • Nickelodeon claims this movie to not only be the most intense movie ever made, but also the most controversial.
  • The series serves as the series finale as well as the pilot of Aw, Legion!.

Episode Callbacks

Besides what's described below, a bunch of clips from the previous episodes play as the Anchorman talks about the Loud kids & later Legion remembers who she really was.

Season 1

  • Left in the Dark: One of the episodes where Lisa gets called out for acting like a mad scientist.
  • Get the Message: Lori tells Bobby that she won't saving her phone time for him anymore before she and her siblings are sent to a juvenile delinquency.
  • Heavy Meddle: Lincoln & his sisters give Maximus suspicious looks around the beginning & Legion spins like the sisternado from the episode in the battle with Maximus
  • Making the Case: Lincoln's sisters are once again mocked for being in a viral video, but this time Lincoln's not left out.
  • Driving Miss Hazy: Leni finally passes her driving test, thanks to the intelligence boost.
  • No Guts, No Glori: One of the things Lori's siblings remind her about times she was bossy and mean when they're all verbally abusing each other.
  • The Sweet Spot: This ain't the first time Lincoln & his sisters' brawl attracted people.
  • A Tale of 2 Tables: Lincoln's sitting at the grown-up table again.
  • Project Loud House: Lincoln brings up how his sisters took their time in the episode during the arguing.
  • In Tents Debate: Clyde & the others spot Legion at the Beach & Dairyland.
  • Sound of Silence: Legion puts on the Noise-B-Gone 2000 earbuds when relaxing in the rebuilt Loud House.
  • Space Invader: Legion does a dutch oven to Maximus & wraps the blanket around him during the battle.
  • Picture Perfect: Carol returns & wants to get back at Lori & Lincoln for ditching her, but does forgive them as Legion later after Maximus betrays her.
  • Undie Pressure: Legion does retain some of her components' annoying habits, despite having blocked the memories of her components when she was created.
  • Linc or Swim: One of the episodes where Lincoln & his sisters are called out for their antics & later when Legion arrives the pool, she does a cannonball like Lincoln.
  • Changing the Baby: Legion is seen playing chess with the same old man from that episode.
  • Overnight Success: One of the episodes where Clyde and the others try to get Legion to remember about.
  • Ties That Bind: Unlike the episode, Lincoln and his sisters disown their parents after learning about the news.
  • Hand-Me-Downer: Lynn uses her bike when she runs away with the stuff she was able to salvage.
  • Sleuth or Consequences: Lincoln tells everyone that Lucy was the one who clogged the toilet with her Princess Pony magazine, not him, during the verbal abuse argument.
  • Butterfly Effect: Like the episode, the plot is about the family falling apart, Leni gets an intelligence boost, Luna gets taken in by Mick Swagger and sings the song from the episode, Lynn gets kicked out of all of her teams for tackling someone over mentioning the video, Lucy gained the ability to turn into a bat, Lola gets disfigured and Lisa's chemicals are destroyed in the brawl.
  • The Green House: One of the things Lincoln gets called out for going too far with getting the house in the green zone only for him and his sisters to return the favor by calling his classmates & teacher out for pressuring him into doing so.
  • Along Came a Sister: The Exterminator wants to get back at the Loud kids for tampering with his extermination, but, like Carol, does forgive them as Legion later after Maximus betrays him.
  • For Bros About to Rock: Luna gets called out for ruining the concerts she went to with her sisters.
  • It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House: Lincoln & his sisters take the money from the safe that Children Services took & locked up from their parents' wallets and the stash of money from the episode to try to begin their new lives before running away.
  • Cover Girls: The Loud kids use their smartphones during the meltdown & when asked why she's wearing amalgamations of her components' clothes' Legion says "My components got used to it even though it became a punishment that time."
  • Save the Date: One of the episodes where Ronnie and the others try to get Legion to remember by taking her to Jean Juan's French Mex during the battle.
  • Attention Deficit: When being interviewed, Howard and Harold do bring up how Lincoln's sisters overwhelmed them when they stopped by.
  • Out on a Limo: Lord Tetherby wants revenge of Lincoln and his sisters for squirting mustard at him and his limo, but like Carol & the Exterminator, does forgive them as Legion later after Maximus betrays him.
  • House Music: Mick Swagger brings up this episode to Luna one time after a performance.
  • A Novel Idea: One of the episodes where Lynn Sr. and his daughters are called out for their antics for Take Your Daughter to Work Day
  • April Fools Rules: Luan gets called out for taking April Fools Day too far and too seriously and Lynn Sr. and Rita get called out for locking her in a cage.
  • Cereal Offender: The Manager wants to get back at the Loud kids for making a mess in his store, but like Carol, the Exterminator & Tetherby, does forgive them as Legion later after Maximus betrays him.
  • Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru: One of the things Lincoln gets called out for his terrible advice.
  • Come Sale Away: Some of the stuff that survived the explosion gets sold.
  • Roughin' It: Some of the Loud kids are seen running into the woods.
  • The Waiting Game: Chandler wants revenge of Lincoln, but, like Carol, the Exterminator, Tetherby & the Manager, forgives Legion & Clyde for not going to his party and apologizes for his behavior in the end after Maximus betrays him.
  • Raw Deal: The park ranger wants to get back at the Loud kids for exposing him for faking the Dowl, but like Carol, the Exterminator, Tetherby, the Manager & Chandler, does forgive them as Legion later after Maximus betrays him.
  • Dance Dance Resolution: Tabby, Polly, Giggles & Haiku help Clyde, Bobby, Rusty, Rocky, and Maggie look for the Loud kids.
  • A Fair to Remember: One of the episodes where Bobby & the others try to get Legion to remember.
  • One of the Boys: Linka and her brothers play a role in the movie by joining the search effort.
  • Funny Business: Maggie tries to confess her feelings to Luan, despite how her 13th birthday went, but when she runs away, Maggie joins the rescue team to apologize for laughing at her, fighting her in the block-wide brawl & reveal her feelings to her.
  • Snow Bored: Several months go by & some of the Loud kids rest on the snow.
  • The Price of Admission: Maximus brings up the Harvester to life, but later gets scared away by Legion.
  • One Flu Over the Loud House: Legion can be considered a zombie, since she was created, Frankenstein-style, by Maximus. Also, Lincoln was able to salvage one of the soup guns from the episode.
  • Study Muffin: Lori gets called out by Bobby for trying to cheat on him with Hugh & everyone, including Maximus & his former allies, becomes infatuated with Legion, like how Lincoln's sisters did with Hugh & Lincoln, Clyde & their male classmates with Ms. DiMartino.
  • Homespun: The way Clyde and his others try to jog Legion's memories.

Season 2

  • 11 Louds a Leapin: Mr. Grouse regrets the many times he told his neighbors to keep it down.
  • Intern for the Worse: Flip gets called out for preying on Clyde & Lincoln's competitiveness.
  • The Old & the Restless: Albert joins the rescue team.
  • Baby Steps: Legion is eating snickerdoodles in one scene.
  • Brawl in the Family: Lynn Sr. and Rita hide in the same safe room when the kids go at each other.
  • Suite & Sour: Lincoln & his sisters get called out for their antics at the Royal Woods Spa & Hotel.
  • Back in Black: Lucy gets a makeover to look more normal like the episode to hide & Rocky joins his brother in finding the Loud kids
  • Making the Grade: Lincoln's sisters get called out for kicking out of the van from this episode.
  • Vantastic Voyage: Since Lori took Vanzilla, Bobby buys Veronica for the search.
  • Patching Things Up: Lola & Lana use their Bluebell Scout training to survive.
  • Cheater by the Dozen: Legion is seen at the restaurant from the episode.
  • Lock n Loud: Lynn Sr. tries to apologize to Legion for forgetting to lock the door.
  • The Whole Picture: Clyde, before passing out from being choked, though Legion thought she killed him, showed her the picture he took of Lincoln & his sisters at the end of that episode which that & Lynn Sr. and Rita apologizes for everything & in danger, finally rejogs their memories.
  • No Such Luck: Legion has a lot of free time to cope with what happened to her components & Lynn Sr. & Rita get called out for locking Lincoln out of the house.
  • Frog Wild: Principal Huggins apologizes for what he did in this episode.
  • Kick the Bucket List: One of the episodes where Clyde & the others try to get Legion to remember.
  • Party Down: Dana & Becky join the rescue team to help Bobby find Lori. Legion throws a party & includes the activities related to each Loud kid as well as Lisa's chocolate fountain returning.
  • Fed Up: Legion cooks up some food for everyone before the party and Lynn Sr. says "Wow! They've really improved their cooking skills after they ran away!"
  • Shell Shock: One of the episodes where Ronnie & the others try to get Legion to remember.
  • Pulp Friction: Like Mr. Grouse, Principal Huggins regrets what he did in this episode too.
  • Pets Peeved: The pets get taken away by Corinne & Schmitty, but eventually come back after Maximus' defeat.
  • Potty Mouth: When Lincoln & his sisters swear at each other & calling their parents a bad word, regular bleeps play instead of sounds like the episode. This also happened when Legion is playing some games on online servers.
  • L is for Love: Sam, Chaz, Benny, Francisco, Silas, Winston, Skippy & David join the rescue team to look for Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lana & Lisa to see they really liked them & to apologize for driving them away by fighting them in the brawl. Though Maggie, Christina, Ronnie & Rocky become jealous when they find out that Benny, Paige & Silas also like Luan, Lincoln & Lucy, they do bond over the rescue & Bangers & Mosh appears in this movie. Legion also get a ton of love letters from all the characters in the movie.
  • The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos: Ronnie speaks to the audience one time, calls her relatives if they've seen Lincoln & his sisters & one of the episodes where Ronnie, Bobby & the others try to get Legion to remember.
  • Room With a Feud: When asked why her head is pulsating green, Legion says "A genius who wears a wig does make a part of me."
  • Back Out There: Lincoln takes the same bus as he took in the episode.
  • Spell It Out: Lucy manages to salvage the Spell-book, Harriet appears to Lucy at times and Legion reads out some spells to Maximus.
  • Fool's Paradise: Luan & Lynn Sr. get called out for what happened in this episode too.
  • Job Insecurity: Lincoln & his sisters tear off the tracking devices Lisa out on them as she revealed from that episode
  • ARGGH! You for Real?: Hunter Spector reappears in this movie & finds out Legion's origins.
  • Garage Banned: Legion use the control Lisa used in the episode to control mice in her battle with Maximus.
  • Change of Heart: Everyone at the pool's nosebleeds from seeing Legion's body cover the bottom of her feet & she'll say "You're all lucky. I got one & climaxed at the same time when I looked at myself in the mirror with this on too. At least, this is leakproof & breathable."
  • Health Kicked: Lincoln & his sisters retain their exercising which they start doing after salvaging what they can, though Lori had to wait until Vanzilla ran out of gas & burned it after she took her stuff out & their combat skills & use it on themselves, their parents, their friends & lovers, the guards at the juvenile delinquency, some people they encountered who annoy or anger them, Maximus' allies & Maximus himself as Legion. Legion also enters & wins the Royal Woods Ultra Extreme Ninja Competition, getting a perfect 10 from the same judges from the episode.
  • Future Tense: Luan brings up that she was the mayor's intern to her mentor, Lynn's academic skills come in handy with her mob boss, Lucy is seen playing basketball with the male news reporter during the townwide brawl, Lana mentions her trip to finishing class to her mentor, Lola's working in the kitchen at the ward & Lisa is seen sculpting a model for her mentor.
  • Lynn-er Take All: Lynn manages to salvage the board games from that episode & Legion does a victory dance after defeating Maximus.
  • Yes-Man: Legion is seen in SMOOCH makeup & performing with them during the montage. 
  • Friend or Faux: Darcy joins the Rescue Team to look for Lisa to apologize for driving her away. 
  • No Laughing Matter: Luan tries to give up on comedy, only to inspired by her mentor. 
  • No Spoilers: Leni mentions to her boss & co-worker how she helped her family set up her mom's surprise birthday party as well as her bad habit of spoiling things.
  • Legends: Stan & Steak Stankco want to get back at Lincoln for how they turned their win against them, despite winning the game, but like Carol, the Exterminator, Tetherby, the Manager & Chandler, do forgive them as Legion later after Maximus betrays them. 
  • Mall of Duty: This was not the 1st time a piece of Loud House media was in production limbo. Rip Hardcore meets Maximus & later falls in love in Legion.  
  • Read Aloud: Lola is seen reading a book in the psychiatric ward. 
  • Not a Loud: Lincoln salvages the president's blanket that he was in when he was born, though he still managed to not tell his birth story to the others. 
  • Tricked!: Hank & Hawk want to get back at the Loud kids for scaring them because they screwed over everyone during Halloween & get grossed out when Lynn started bleeding, but like Carol, the Exterminator, Tetherby, the Manager, Chandler & Stan & Steak, do forgive them as Legion later after Maximus betrays them. Maximus is seen in a lab coat when Legion is created.
  • The Crying Dame: Part of Legion's robot dancing is based off how Fenton danced in the episode.
  • Anti-Social: When at the pool, several classmates fail to get Legion while she's playing on her Nintendo Switch.
  • Snow Way Out: Bobbie Fletcher takes in Lana & later falls in love with Legion like everyone else, taking her a racing date.
  • Snow Way Down: Harold & Howard aren't so worried about Clyde heading out to look for his best friend.

Season 3

  • Road Trippin:
  • Selfie Improvement:
  • No Place Like Home-school:



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