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The film begins in the view of Downtown City

Blythe's Voice: Yup. My hometown, Downtown City. The home of millions of people and *camera goes to the outside of LPS* the good Littlest Pet Shop, the home to Daycampers and of course, the upstairs is home to me and my dad. (Background changes into light blue-ish background with Blythe) My name is Blythe Baxter, the sweet and caring girl and the daughter of (Roger appears and Blythe hugs him) the pilot, Roger Baxter. (Roger then disappears and her human friends, Youngmee, Sue, Kora, Madison and Jasper appears.) These are my human friends Youngmee, Sue, Kora, Madison and Jasper. Then meet my pet friends. (Blythe's human friends disappear and the pets appear) Pepper Clark, Sunil Nevla, Russell Ferguson, Zoe Trent, Penny Ling, Vinnie Terrio and Minka Mark, but I'm also friends with Buttercream as well.

(scene then changes back to The Littlest Pet Shop)

Blythe's Voice: Littlest Pet Shop was the cutest, and the most awesome store I ever worked in and I loved my pet friends, they are so cute. But one day, everything is about to change.

(In LPS, while the Pet Shop pets is watching news if anything is happening, Blythe (in roller skates) is working with Mrs. Twombly inside LPS with lots of customers)

Mrs. Twombly: Blythe! Need help!

Blythe: Ok, Mrs. Twombly. (Rolls to Mrs. Twombly)

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