The Koopalings is a TV-Show that is based on the Super Mario characters. The show focuses on the misadventures of The Koopalings when they are not getting rid of Mario's plans.


  • Ludwig "Kooky" von Koopa - The Oldest and smartest of the Koopalings he is interested into classical music and often composes music for the Koopa choir. (Ludwig is voiced by Jeff Bennett).
  • Lemmy Koopa - The Second-Oldest of the Koopalings, and Deuteragonist of the show he and Iggy are close to each other sense they have the same personality traits and Lemmy wishes to become a ringmaster. (Lemmy is voiced by Tara Strong).
  • Leroy "Roy" Koopa - The Third-Oldest of the Koopalings, he is the pure brawn of the seven Koopalings he also has red eyes under his sunglasses he often picks on Lemmy and Iggy. (Roy is voiced by Gordon Masten).
  • Ignatius "Iggy" Koopa - The Middle of the Koopalings and sometimes main Protagonist of the show sense most of the episodes focuses on him and Lemmy's misadventures, Iggy is also the mechanic, science whiz, and nerd of the seven Koopalings and despite his insane level, he loves his older brother Lemmy and younger siblings very much. (Iggy is voiced by Tom Kenny).
  • Wendy Ocean Koopa - The only girl of the Koopalings, Wendy is both a bit of a snob and brat and is obsessed with jewelry, gold, and is often the guniea pig for her older brother Iggy's inventions (when Lemmy is busy). (Wendy is voiced by Cheryl Chase).
  • Morton "Morty" Koopa Jr. - The only dark skinned Koopaling, Morton is also a brawn of the Koopalings but he has a surious appetite, behavior problem, and nack of annyoying his oldest brother. (Morton is voiced by Bill Fagerbakke).
  • Lawrence "Larry" Koopa - The youngest of the Koopalings, Larry often behaves as Tritagonist of the series and third wheel to Lemmy and Iggy's slighty craziness. (Larry is voiced by Tom Kenny).