The Justice League are as great as the Avengers


The heroes unite to face enemies that cannot be faced alone!



Superman (Kevin Sorbo) -

Batman (Steven Blum) -

Wonder Woman (Tia Carrere) -

Martian Manhunter (Rick D. Wasserman) -

Flash (Christopher Daniel Barnes) -

Green Lantern (Chris Cox) -

Aquaman (Christian Slater) -

Captain Marvel (Cam Clarke) -


Wildcat (Jim Balushi) -

Flash/Jay Garrick (Paul Eiding) -

Hawk-Man (Rick D. Wasserman) -

Dr. Mid-Nite (Troy Baker) -

Hourman (Nolan North) -


Legion of Doom

Lex Luthor (Clancy Brown) -

Scarecrow (Charlie Adler) -

Cheetah (Cree Summer) -

Solomon Grundy (Ron Perlman) -

Gorilla Grodd (Fred Tatasciore) -

Sinestro (Scottie Ray) -

Black Manta (Michael Dorn) -

Black Adam (Arnold Vosloo) -

Injustice League

Metallo (Malcolm McDowell)

Riddler (Matt Frewer)

Circe (Candi Milo)

Dr. Light (Rene Auberjoinis)

Mirror Master (Alex Desert)

Ocean Master (Robert Englund)

Ibis (Tom Kane)


Vandal Savage (David Sobolov)

White Martians

Starro (Dee Bradley Baker)


Season 1:

  • Brave and Bold
  • Way of the Knight

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