Iron is the new age!


Tony Stark the CEO of Stark indaustries, now faces obstacles of threats, after what happen in China with his heart, he becomes Iron Man!


Will Friedle - Tony Stark/Iron Man, Living Lazer

Khary Payton - James Rhodes/ War Machine

Juliet Landau - Pepper Pots

James Sie - Dr. Yensin

Xander Berkley - Justin Hammer, Count Nafaria

James Remar - Obediah Stane/Iron Monger, Unicorn, Sunturian

Paxton Whitehead - Mandarin (with Christopher Lee's accent)

Bruce Greenwood - Sentry

Maurice LaMarche - Whirlwind, SHEILD agent, Vibro

Jeff Black - A.I.M Scientist

Corey Burton - MODOK, Controller, Ghost

Greg Ellis - DreadKinght

Greg Eagles - Dimiri Vanko/ Whiplash

Peter Stormare - Ivan Vanko/ Crimson Dynamo

Kevin Michael Richardson - Igor Yuri Blanche/ Titanium Man, Hulk

Brian Donovan - Blizzard, Melter

Andrea Baker - Madame Masque, S.H.E.I.L.D Computer

Troy Baker - Fin Fang Foom, Spymaster, Firebrand, Ezikiel Stane

Pat Frayley - Morcedai Midas, Supreme Scientist

Keone Young - Wong Chu

Mark Hamill - Dr. Doom


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