The Incredible Man is an upcoming film based on the show, but with new actors, except the actor for Jake, who will reprise his role.


Henry Cavill as John Increble/The Incredible Man

Jake T. Austin as Jake Martin, Incredible Man's teenage sidekick

Chris Zykla as Hank Jergie/Hood

Campbell Scott as Joe Harman/The Ultimate Destroyer

Kesley Chow as Carmen Halen/Miss America (cameo)

Micheal Massee as Phil Jamere/Red Firearm (cameo)

Hayley Atwell as Manara Dina/Ms Maniac


John Increble angrily flies out of his universe, where everyone has powers, and goes to earth. He forgets who he is, but realizes he has powers, which never went away. A witness, Joe Harman, decides that he wants powers so he can rule the world, so he assembles Marana Dina and Hank Jergie, who become Ms Maniac and the Hood, and they have a plan to steal Incredible Man's powers. Now, Incredible Man finds out and has to defeat them before its too late.


There will be a sequel. The Incredible Man 2: Rise from the Past.

TV Series

The movie will be waaaay diffrent then the Television series, but the Crew are planning on making a movie after The Incredible Man 2: Rise from the Past

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