The Grid 2.0 is a live action series for disney's Tron Universe but it is not to much in there universe. It will be aired on Toon'In's falls 2014 new series, the show will be around a new Grid called The Grid 2.o it will perimer sometime October 10, 2014 at 6/7c pm.


Sam Flynn makes his own Grid put on a planet that was called Planet Z but he turns it into the Grid 2.o with the help of human/Former-program Quorra they make a a planet into a living Program with the help of Quorra's iOS brain they can do these. But when a new Programian threat Sark starts to causes a revoluion there son Human/Programian/iOs Brain Flynn starts to stop his plays they have a new tron who they call Thoron the savior.

Series Overview

SEASON Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 8 aired July 5, 2013 TBA

Season one 2013

# No. Title Synopsis Director Original air date
1 1 A New Grid David Nutter July 5, 2013
2 2 The Revaltion Joseph Kosinski July 12, 2013

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