The Girl of Kathmandu is a 2013 animated 2D movie made by Warner Brothers, Village Roadshow and American Public Television. It aired on PBS and other channels.

Main Characters

These are the main characters living in Kathmandu.


Erika is a 7 year old human child adopted by the cheetah mother Mawa after her parents died. She is the female version of Tarzan and loves to play with her animal friends.


Mawa is an adult cheetah and is the adopted mother of Erika. She is protective to her adopted daughter and leader of Kathmandu. Her mate Cheeto doesn't like Erika at first but loves her when she turned 7.


Cheeto is a father cheetah. He appeared in the movie and in every episode in the TV series. He is tough, fast and is the adopted father of Erika.


Boris is the fattest elephant in Kathmandu. He refused to do anything but gets along good with the gang.


Passaro is a blueish gray bird with scruff on her head and lives in her treehouse like Erika. She is smart and troublemaker. She has a cousin named Pajaro.


Pajaro is a red tailed hawk and is the cousin to Passaro. He and Passaro are bird students and they tease other animals.

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