Flash movie will release in 2014 which will feature adventures of Wally West and how he became The Flash


  • · Flash (Wally West) - Bradley Cooper
  • · Flash (Barry Allen) - Belinda Peregrín
  • · Iris West - Belinda Peregrín
  • · Fred Jenson – Gabriel Macht
  • · Patty Spivot – Linda Cardellinni
  • · Jay Garrick – Ed Harris
  • · Professor Zoom (cameo)– Will Smith
  • · Captain boomerang - Guy Paerce
  • · Holt Mccallany – Captain Cold
  • · Amanda Waller - Angela Basset
  • · Martian Manhunter (Cameo)


Barry Allen is murdered in his apartment in mysterious conditions. Wally West who is Barry’s nephew takes the mantle of Flash and vows to take revenge on the murderer. Using Captain Boomerang and Captain cold as distraction. Professor Zoom finds out a way to control own the speed force on his own. While Amanda Waller tries keeping Wally in check and fails. Wally convinces Jay Garrick the former flash to teach him his ways and how to fight.

After credits Martian Manhunter meets Flash and asks for his help to save Earth

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