The dubouis sisters

The Dubuois Sisters

The Dubouis Sisters (Candi, Mandy, and Blandi) are three thriplet crime fighters with superpowers.


Candi Dubuois

Candi wears a purple dress, purple boots, and a single purple glove

Candi also has pink eyes, and purple hair in a ponytail

Mandy Dubouis

Mandy's outfit resembles Candi's, but Mandy's dress is pink, with matching boots, and single pink glove

Mandy has pink eyes, and red hair in a ponytail

Blandi Dubouis

Blandi's color scheme is blue

/you know the rest


Candi's personality is similar to that of your typical pre-teen/leader

Candi is also shown to be the voice of reason on some occasions, especially when Mandy and Blandi act without thinking

Similar to Blossom

Mandy appears to be Somewhat of a ditz most of the time, but has been given quick wits on some occasions.

Similar to Bubbles

And once, Mandy fell headfirst on puppet pal Mitch's whacking stick and woke up with amnesia and developed an uncanny personality like Dr. Vulcan

Blandi often acts before she thinks, and is sometime Candi's voice of reason when Candi sees a boy she likes.

Similar to Buttercup from the powerpuff girls



solving crimes

beating the heck out of vilians

Candy (the confection)

Ice Cream

Revenge (sometimes)

Playing on the computer



Always being right

her superpowers



When people are nice to her


Ice Cream


beating the heck out vilians

Revenge (more often than Candi)



Messing with Mandy

Revenge (most often than the others)


beating the heck out of villians

when she's right and Candi is wrong




When she's wrong

when the others hog the computer

Haley McBaron

BLandi's insubordination

When villians get away

when someone steals her Candy

Being a jjinx

when she can't use her powers


When people are mean to her

when Blandi uses up her crayons

when villians get away

Haley McBaron

when Blandi eats all the popcorn

when her sisters ignore her


When Mandy catches on to her ploy

when her revenge backfires

when villians get away

Haley McBaron

When Mandy eats all the popcorn

Voice Cast

Candi Milo as Candi Dubouis

Tara Strong as Mandy Dubuois

E.G. Daily as Blandi Dubuois


  • Candi share the same first name as her voice actor, Candi Milo
  • Their appearences and personalities were based off the powerpuff girls, with a personal spin, courtesy of Jtsfan13
  • The Dubouis Sisters may be an homage to the powerpuff girls
  • The Dubouis Heritage is revealed to be Mexican-American

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