from the makers of Reversal of the Heart, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and the Lion King, comes a very Different kind of Arabian Knight!


Prince Asher has returned from the lands of the North, and tells tales to the Sultan of Baghdad, and his beautiful Daughter Princess Meridia! He even tells them tales of the Chinese folklore, and dragons from the northern lands!

That night, He shown a genie known as Hassan, and Hassan had impressed the Sultan, and the Visser Hassama, but not a a jealous Prince Jarhim, a vain, and wealthy prince who wants the princess for lust, but Asher had already won Meridia's heart! Jarhim was furious, and placed a curse on the Princess that night, and the Sultan had Jarhim imprisoned!

Meridia that late night was transformed into a violet Dragon, but the Prince Asher, Hassan, Hassama, and the Sultan were shocked at this, and decide to find away to break Jarhim's curse!


  • Matthew Mercer as Prince Asher
  • Corey Burton as The Sultan of Baghdad
  • Tara Strong as Princess Meridia
  • Dan Castelleneta as Hassan
  • Troy Baker as Prince Jarhim
  • Kelsey Grammer as Hassama

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