The Disney Railroad Series is a TV series about engines belonging to two railroads in America. Walt Disney loved railroads and his parks have always displayed his love for trains.


Disneyland Railroad

The Disneyland Railroad currently has five narrow gauge steam locos.

  • C.K. Holliday, No.1: Built in the Walt Disney Studio in 1954 and went into service at Disneyland on opening day 1955. Walt Disney's personal favorite. Named for Cyrus Kurtz Holliday.
  • E.P. Ripley, No.2: Built in the Walt Disney Studio in 1954 and went into service at Disneyland on opening day 1955. Named for Edward Payson Ripley.
  • Fred Gurley, No.3: Built in 1894, came into service at Disneyland 3/28/1958. Named for Fred G. Gurley. Oldest engine on the Railroad.
  • Ernest S. Marsh, No.4: A saddletank engine who was built in 1925 and came into service at Disneyland 7/28/1959. Said to be the most difficult engine to operate.
  • Ward Kimball, No.5: Built in 1902, went into permanent service on 6/25/2005 as part of the park's 50th anniversary celebration.

Walt Disney World Railroad

A narrow guage railroad circling the Magic Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World Resort. Circles the entire park with stations at "Main Street, U.S.A.", "Frontierland", and "Mickey's Toontown".

  • Walter E. Disney, No.1: Named for the man behind the mouse, Walt Disney himself (1901-1966). Built in 1925.
  • Lilly Belle, No.2: Named after Walt Disney's wife Lillian Disney (1899-1997). Built in 1928, which would make her as old as Mickey Mouse.
  • Roger E. Broggie, No.3: Named after the man (1908-1991) who led the effort of acquiring the locomotives for the railroad, helped build Disney's own Carolwood Pacific Railroad, and the original Disney Imagineer who worked on the EPCOT project.
  • Roy O. Disney, No.4: Named after Walt Disney's older brother and business partner, Roy Oliver Disney (1893-1971). Built in 1916, making him the oldest engine on the railroad.

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