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The Derek Wars is A war about 160 Characters and there god Derek Spangler Vs The 8 Deadly People (Dora,Flippy,Birdie,Hamburgler,Kaos,Elmo,Diego and LT Fan.) and there god Tabuu


Chapter 1

160 characters Are seen having fun like any day But a Guy Named Tabuu Trys to kill them with 8 deadly People.

Chapter 2

Around the time when the Derek Wars begins Derek is summoned by the 160 characters.

Chapter 3,4,5,6,7 and 8

A huge war happen in the cartoon world while in the real world Derek sees what's happing and Derek goes back to the cartoon World.

Chapter 9

The bombs are getting ready to make a large Subspace world.

Chapter 10

while in Subspace, The 160 characters are ready to fight But Tabuu uses his wings to freeze and harden characters to trophy form

Chapter 11

Derek Jumps into Subspace and Gets 79 of the 160 characters unfrozen. A little while later Torchic Comes back Alive and frees the remanding 80 Characters

Final Chapter

After the Great Maze of Doom, Derek and the 76 characters Fight the Deadly 8 People and the 8 died in a Very bad way. Soon,Tabuu Was This Close to doing his wing attack but he got attacked by Derek. The final Battle begins this minute.

After That, Tabbu Dies.



List of Characters in the Derek Wars

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