The Chipmunks and Company (Disney-Universal Studios Resort)
- Attraction type: show
- Technology: same technology as World of Color
- Characters: Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Shirley Temple, W.C. Fields, Freddie Bartholomew, Sonja Henie, Ritz Brothers, Marx Brothers, Andrews Sisters, Dinning Sisters, etc
- Villains: Nega-Timmy
- Nega-Timmy's minions: T-Rex, T-Rex's Army (Tyrannosaurs, Brontosaurs, Giganotosaurs, Velociraptors, Raptors, Dilophosaurs, Dire Wolves, Bear Dogs, Troodons, Spinosaurs, etc), The Darkness, Black Holes, Destructive Meteor Showers, Destructive Comets, Destructive Asteroids, The Hacker, Minutians, Sir Ruber, Griffin, Lotso, Judge Doom, Judge Doom's Human Henchmen, Muhammad, Mr. Hinkle, Terrorists, Arsonists, Serial Killers, Murderers, Ms. Doombringer, Ganondorf, Wario, Waluigi, The Head Pixie, Pixies Inc, Aunt Figg, Lickfoot, Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, Foop, other Anti-Fairies, Tzekel-Kan, Rasputin, Ludmilla, Lord Farquaad, Saddam Hussein, Drake, Bowser, Pumpkinator, Super Bike, Giant Bucket of Acid World, Super-intelligent Roaches, Elmo St. Peters, Princess Mandie, Xemnas, Hexxus, Zig Zag, Berkeley, Grundel, Xehanort, Scar, Zira, Marsha, Boingo, The Evil Inventor, The Evil Inventor's Army, Flapjack and K'nuckles' Enemies, Charles Muntz, Weremole, Le Quack, Cajun Fox, The Clutching Foot, The Otter King, Super-intelligent Sea Otters, Flatts the Flounder, Lyman Slime, Sid Phillips, Nasal Bathrobe, Scirocco Mole, Bad Johnny (Johnny Test), Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, The Alaskan Bull Worm, Dr. Claw, Sa'luk, Evil Sorcerer Arthur, Warren, Baskerville, Olga, Cyclops, Trashinator, Tonga, Gigabyte the Monster, Ledge, El Mago, The Trash-Dumping Octopus, The Greedy King, Warren T. Rat, Zurg, Syndrome, Underminer, Rothbart, The Flying Dutchman, King Greg, King Greg's Krakens, Mary Ann, Skrawl, Skrawl's Army (Mellow Drama villains, etc), Storybook Antagonists, Mer-Man, Glut the Shark, Speargunners, Illegal Whalers, Undertow the Shark, Shark (Arthur), Heartless, Unversed, Nobodies, Weasel McGreed, Ramsley, Shallowgrave, Tai Lung, Dark Danny, I.M. Meen, Eddy's Brother, The Smile Away Reformatory School Sergeant, Dagnino, Omnidroid 9000, Chef Skinner, The Phantom Blot, Oogie Boogie, Evil Knights, Queen Bea, Greg the Gingerbread Man, Goldflipper, Doctor O, Quark, Voodoo Goat, Chameleon, The Collector (Bonkers), Negaduck, Mr. Doodles, Mozenrath, Saleen, Abis Mal, Armand, Aziz, Ayam Aghoul, Omar (Aladdin), Razoul, Arbutus, Amuk Moonrah, Amin Damoola, Dinosaurs (The Little Mermaid (1992 TV Series)), Dominus Tusk, Plant Creature, King Pector, Mamoud, Magma, Daruh, Frajhid the Ice Efreet, Fashoom, Mechanicles, Gregarious, Kartoum, King Ramses (Courage the Cowardly Dog), Teacher (Courage the Cowardly Dog), Kileem, Kapok, SWAT Teams, Government Ninjas, V.I.L.E. Agents, The Sewer Gator, Governor Ratcliffe, Frollo, Captain Murk, The Northwind (Little Bear), The Sentimental Moroccan Pirates (Little Bear), Muktar, Coco LaBounche, Shan Yu, Scarsnout the Hungry Wolf, Clayton, Barnaby (Babes in Toyland), Vicky (The Parent Trap), Sark, The Nome King, Axel, Ansem, Luxord, Vanitas, Vexen, Eustace Bagge, Sweet Cheeks the Candy-Powered Clown, Mister Mime, The Evil Queen's Ravens, The Evil Queen's Guards, Dragon of the Double Doom, Snowman (Courage the Cowardly Dog), Hector Barbossa, The Supreme Leader (Captain EO), Government Agents and more
- Show elements: Live Actors, Articulated Characters and more

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