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One year after stopping Bane and Talia from destroying Gotham, Robin John Blake, now known as Nightwing calls Bruce Wayne back to Gotham in order to train Dick Grayson as Robin. At the same time the menacing Riddler plans to find out Batman's true identity and the Joker finally escapes from Arkham Asylum to continue terrorizing Gotham City!




  • Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale)
  • Dick Grayson/Robin (Shia LaBeouf)
  • Robin John Blake/Nightwing (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
  • Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) - now head of the Thomas and Martha Wayne Home for Orphans
  • Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway)
  • Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman)
  • Barbara Gordon (Emma Stone) - Dick's love interest, the niece of Jim Gordon
  • Commissioner Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman)
  • Edward Nashton/Edward Nygma/Riddler (Johnny Depp) - the main antagonist, he plans to know of Batman's identity, he was the murderer of Dick Grayson's parents, he uses riddles with bombs to pass, and puzzles to connect, his online name is "Wizard101"
    • Diedre Vance/Query (Jamie Alexander) - Riddler's henchwoman
    • Nina Damfino/Echo (Megan Fox) - Riddler's henchwoman
  • Roman Sionis/Black Mask (Neil Patrick Harris) - the secondary antagonist
  • The False Face Gang (Tobey Macguire, Andre Braugher, Kevin Grievoux, Keith Szarabajka, Joey Carmon and Troy Baker) - Black Mask's men
  • Tony Zucco (Juilan Sands) - the killer of Dick's parents
  • John Grayson (Patrick Warburton) - Dick's father
  • Mary Grayson (Rachel Weisz) - Dick's mother
  • Harvey Bullock (Oliver Platt)
  • Renne Montonya (Penelope Cruz)
  • Sarah Essen Gordon (Angelica Huston) - Jim's new wife
  • Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze (Arnold Vosloo) - was shown being defeated by Nightwing in the beginning
  • Jack Haly (Jim Broadbent)
  • Mr. Nashton (Bob Hoskins) - Edward's father, who was killed for abuses he gave to Edward
  • Mrs. Nashton (Julia Newhart) - Edward's absent mother who was never there for him
  • Marion Grange (Liv Taylor) - the new mayor of Gotham City, was a long time friend of Bruce, she shows deep trust in Batman and Commissioner Gordon
  • Joker (Heath Ledger archival footage)



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