The Brave Little Toaster: The Series is a upcoming to show based on The Brave Little Toaster Movies.


  • Toaster (voiced by Deanna Oliver respectively)
  • Kirby (voiced by J. K. Simmons (replacing the late Thurl Ravenscroft respectively))
  • Radio (voiced by Roger Kabler, replacing Jon Lovitz respectively)
  • Lampy (voiced by Timothy Stack respectively)
  • Blanky (voiced by Connor Corum, replacing Timothy E. Day and Eric Lloyd respectively)
  • Ratso (voiced by Andy Milder respectively)
  • Tinselina (voiced by Kath Soucie respectively)
  • Hearing Aid (voiced by Fyvush Finkel respectively)
  • Calculator (voiced by Stephen Tobolowsky respectively)
  • Wittgenstein (voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray respectively)
  • Ceiling Fan (voiced by Carol Channing respectively)
  • Faucet (voiced by Alex Borstein, replacing the late Farrah Fawcett respectively) and Squirt (voiced by Max Charles, replacing Redmond O'Neal respectively)
  • Supreme Commander (voiced by Tom Hanks, replacing the late Alan King respectively)
  • Mixer (voiced by Ross Maplatoft respectively)
  • Iron (voiced by James Murray respectively)
  • Computer (voiced by Kevin Meaney respectively) and Mouse (voiced by Victoria Jackson respectively)
  • Microwave (voiced by Wayne Knight respectively)
  • Military Toasters
  • Robbie (voiced by Russi Taylor respectively)
  • Rob (voiced by Chris Young respectively)
  • Chris (voiced by Jessica Tuck respectively)