The Batman War is a film directed by Zach Snyder Exeutive producer will shall be Christopher Nolan because for his Great works with his Trilogy.It is one of the Batman films Snyder might do.Hans Zimmer will be doing the score again



Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne-Batman

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle-Catwoman

Joseph Gordon Levvit as Robin John Blake-Nightwing

Logan Lerman as Dick Grayson-Robin

Josh Hutcherson as Tim Drake-Red Robin

Arsalan Ghesemi as Damian Wayne-Robin

Emily Blunt as Kate Kane-Batwoman

Alexandra Daddario as Oracle

Scarlett Johansson as Helena Bertinelli-The Huntress

Britt Robertson as Stephine Brown-Bat-girl

Beth Phoenix as Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canar

Gary Oldman as Commisoner Gordon

Katie Cassidy as Bette Kane-Flamebird

Keith Szarabajka as Harvey Bullock

Matthew Modine as Peter Foley


Crispin Glover as Jack Nappier-The Joker

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