This season mostly revolves around the family and airs June 1st,2013.


1.The Camping Trip


Original Airing Date:June 1st 2013.

Info:The whole family goes camping and when it rain,there is no food, and in the middle of nowhere, Nicole and then Gumball.

2.The Pet


Original Airing Date:June 8th 2013.

Info:The family gets a new pet dog but Anais develops allergys to it so they have to keep it inside and keep Anais in.

3.The Slumber Party


Original Airing Date:June 15 2013.

Info:Gumball throws a slumber party for Penny,Darwin and other friends and goes overboard.

4.The Girls


Original Airing Date:June 22nd 2013

Info:Gumball, Darwin, And Anais Get Impersonated by The Whirlettes (Gummy, Darling, and Aniuette) to do a concert.

5.The Ponies


Original Airing Date:June 29th 2013

Info:Gumball and Darwin meet the Main Six and theres one problem, they led chaos to Elmore.

6.The Vacation


Original Airing Date:July 6th 2013

Info:The Whirlettes meet up with The Wattersons at Magic Cove to have a treasure hunt.

7.The Beans


Original Airing Date:July 13th 2013

Info:When Gumball eats magic beans, it made him have constant farting and Darwin, Anais, Gummy, Darling, And Aniuette go on a quest to cure Gumball's farting problem.

8. The Takeover


Original Airing date: July 20th 2013

Info: When it was field day at Elmore junior high, Gumball and Darwin find out that a fox named Drew Jones hangs out with Anais and Gumball and Darwin tries to get Anais back.

9. The Partypooper


Original Airing date:July 27th 2013

Info:Darling throws an epic party for her birthday and there was a guest that wasn't invited.

10. The Proposal


Original Airing Date August 3rd 2013

Zach Silvia dates Penny and Gumball tries to propose to Penny.

11. The Elements (Season Finale)

Episode:6a - 6b

Original Airing Date: August 10th 2013

Info: A little pony named Skydancer goes to Elmore to gather the new elements of harmony to stop Bloody Nightmare.

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