This is an idea for season 9. Although the series ended with th episode "The Graduation" it still continued. It contains 28 episode. It is not fully edited yet.

The Attic:

Airdate: 2016

Gumball finds something in the attic.

NOTE: This was the last episode that Gumball appeared in High School still.

The New Begginning:

Airdate: 2016

Gumball first starts college and meets new friends.

A Familiar Face:

Airdate: 2016

Gumball meets a few familiar people.

A New Friend:

Airdate: 2016

Gumball meets a new friend named "Caspian" and looks like a resemblance to darwin but his skin is green, and has an accent.

The Framed One:

Airdate: 2016

Gumball gets accused for wrecking the class science fair.

The Old Ways:

Airdate: 2016

Gumball finds Mom and Dad and Darwin meet again, and go to college.

NOTE: This episode happened in the middle of college.

The Last Day:

Airdate: 2017

Note:This is the actual series finale.

Gumball passes college and becomes a man but misses his friends, now. In the end, Gumball gave Darwin a note saying "I will come back soon!". At the end, Darwin left town with a letter saying maybe we will meet again.

NOTE:This is the last adventure Gumball and Darwin will have.

NOTE:This episode was supposed to be the series finale but they decided to make a Season 10.

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