Here's some ideas for season 6.

The Marathon:

In order to see the movie, Gumball and Darwin must stay up one whole day to see the movie marathon.

The Battle:

Gumball gets into a battle with Banana Joe.

The Dinosaur:

Gumball tries to be like a dinosaur, but endsup making a fool of himself.

The Problem:

Gumball and Darwin get stuck in pipes and trie to get out.

The Mansion:

Gumball finds this weird mansion that is haunted.

The Hero:

Gumball saves Pennys life but must stay with him as favor.

The Job:

Gumball and Darwin get blackmailed by a stranger and get told to get a job.

The Reindeer:

Gumball finds about Penny's secret.

The Amazing World of Regular Show 2: When 2 Heroes Unite!

Mordecai, Rigby, Gumball, and Darwin must go to prom night and get into a fight, and must defeat Bobert, and Peeps to save Anais.

The Amazing World of Regular Show 3: The Ultimate Enemy:

Season finale:

Gumball and Darwin get Fs and meet Mordecai and Rigby to help, while they make an enemy that becomes too powerful to defeat.

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