Here are some ideas for season 5.

The Gender

Gumball and Darwin gets perfume and be come females and the rest tries to reverse it

The Return:

Season premiere:

The citizens of elmore throw a festival for Elmore's newest princess (Princess Skydancer, of course) then back in the dump, the lucky helmet turns into a dark counterpart of Gumball who wants revenge on Gumball.

The Pencil:

Gumball gets a new pen that causes havoc in the house.

The Change:

Darwin changes his personality, but gets kidnapped, and Gumball, Anais must find him but they never find home after a year.

The Third Brother:

Gumball gets Tobias as a third brother in the family.

The Wish:

Gumball gets a dream that comes to life.

The Pet:

After a horrible accident, Darwin breaks both his legs. So now that he can't walk, he's being treated like a "pet". Meanwhile, The Watterson's buy a pet cube dog to replace Darwin.

The Tale:

Darwin tells Gumball an awesome tale.

The Hurricane:

A Terrible hurricane causes havoc in Elmore.

The Dance:

Princess Skydancer organizes a middle school dance and she finds out many atendents are better than 1.

The Capture:

Princess Skydancer get kidnapped by Mr. Robinson and Gumball and the gang has to save her.

The Speargun:


The Accident:

Anais gets hit by a truck and goes to the hospital but Gumball and Darwin find out that they won't be seeing Anais again for 3 years

Im Here:

Season Finale:

Gumball is depressed about the transfer of Penny, him mythical spark. New pupils arrive at school, including an italian fairy named Jess. Jess with Gumball after a party find themselves in an unpleasant situation. So then Gumball sad that his is not seeing his normal freinds so all he has left is.Nicole Richard Darwin and Jess so its up to Gumball to not give up and he needs.To start being kind because Nicole had to giveup work so when the bad Gumball and the good Darwin were ten-years old  Gumball said to Darwin watch I learn't today I guess you have to face the consqecuences so Darwin punched gumball aoh! sad to Gumball Anais was in hospital and Darwin broke both of his legs Gumball did not want to let his awsome family down so gumball fights new students but then Gumball you should be ashamed of yourself 5 hours detenction! said Princapal Brown Gumball promised To be a good boy to people said Richard and Nicole


Gumball tg regle 63 by themightfenek-d8ffmwr-1

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