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Here are some ideas for season 4. This may air in 2014.

The Train:

Gumball finds a toy train that is cursed.

The Monster:

Gumball and Darwin find a monster in the closet.

The Resident

This is a Halloween special and a spoof of Resident Evil.

The Devil:

Darwin destroys the robinson's house by accident and becomes evil.

The Test:

Gumball must pass a big test in order to switch from public to private school

The Cave:

Darwin finds a strange cave, and gets lost, so Gumball must find him.

The Jacket:

Gumball gets his sweater torn and must get a new one but apparently they were sold out of sweaters so Nicole buys Gumball a jacket instead which makes him more cooler than before.

The Vampire:

Darwin gets bit by a vampire and tries to bite Anais, Skydancer, and Gumball.

The Liar:

Anais lies that Gumball was a famous person, gets a little overboard and the lieing becomes reality.

The Amazing World of Regular Show Special

Mordecai And Rigby kidnap Penny And Rachel,so it's up to Gumball To save Penny,and Darwin to save Rachel

The Vote

Gumball and Gummy are on a faceoff to be class president.

The Talent

Anais tries to find her hidden talent.

The Trap: Part 1

The Whirlettes and Skydancer get traped in a tar pit, Gumball and the gang try to save them but Darling ends up drowning in the tar.

The Trap: Part 2

Darling is still drowning in the tar and Darwin (sort of) tries to save her from the tar pit.

The Cake

Anais's birthday cake makes her evil and disloyal to her family.

The Cloud

Masami tries to help Gumball and Darwin to control their anger.

Earth Day

Darwin doesn't know how everyone can make the world a better place.

The Dragon

Gumball and the gang meet Rosemary, a greedy, and rude dragon.

The Sasauge:

Gumball and Darwin prank Dad for a sasuage and must get him back before they get into trouble.

The Amazing World of Regular Show 2

Series finale:

Mordecai and Rigby get intoxicated at a party, and run over Gumball. He goes to the hospital, and is pronounced dead, but Penny refuses to give him up, So Darwin calls Techmo and Rigby calls Death to save Gumball, and the two work together to save Gumball. Elapsed Time - 240 Minutes


  • The series finale is gonna reveal Penny's and Gumball's Whole relationship


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