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Here are some ideas for season 4/5. This may air in 2015.

Valentine's Day! Edit

Anais looks for a Valentine

The Switcheroo Edit

Gumball gets his mom's strength and the rest tries to fix it

The Rainbow Edit

Nicole runs into a potion that makes her rainbow coloured and her family tries to bring her back to normal.

Goofs/Errors include For a split second Nicole's back to normal when Richard says "Don't worry honey, we'll help."

The Parents/Family: Edit

Gumball, Darwin, Anais, and Richard (even though he one) meet Nicole's parents and tries to scare them away.

The Train:Edit

Gumball finds a toy train that is cursed.

The Monster:Edit

Gumball and Darwin find a monster in the closet.

The ResidentEdit

This is a Halloween special and a spoof of Resident Evil.

The House:Edit

Darwin destroys the robinson's house by accident and becomes evil.

The Test:Edit

Gumball must pass a big test in order to switch from public to private school

The Cave:Edit

Darwin finds a strange cave, and gets lost, so Gumball must find him.

The Jacket:Edit

Gumball gets his sweater torn and must get a new one. But, they are sold out of sweaters, so Nicole buys Gumball a jacket instead which makes him more cooler than before.

The Vampire:Edit

Darwin gets bit by a vampire and tries to bite Anais and Gumball.

The Loom:Edit

Anais lies that Gumball was a famous person, gets a little overboard and the lying becomes reality.

The VoteEdit

Gumball and Gummy are on a faceoff to be class president.

The TalentEdit

Anais tries to find her hidden talent.

The Trap: Part 1Edit

The Whirlettes and Skydancer get traped in a tar pit, Gumball and the gang try to save them but Darling ends up drowning in the tar.

The Trap: Part 2Edit

Darling is still drowning in the tar and Darwin (sort of) tries to save her from the tar pit.

The (Evil) CakeEdit

Anais's birthday cake makes her evil and disloyal to her family.

The CloudEdit

Masami tries to help Gumball and Darwin to control their anger.

(The) Earth DayEdit

Darwin doesn't know how everyone can make the world a better place.

The Sausage:Edit

Gumball and Darwin prank Dad for a sausage and must get him back before they get into trouble.

The Cousins Edit

Gumball Destroys Banana Joe's Cousin

The Controller: Edit

Gumball and Darwin want to retrieve the ultimate Ripleybox controller

The Mortgage: Edit

The Wattersons' buy a new house

The Snowmobile Edit

Gumball steals Tobias's snowmobile

The ID Edit

Nicole gets arrested when she gets pulled over and doesn't have her driver's license

The Penalty Edit

Gumball causes the school to lose a football game when he keeps getting the team penalties.

The Swings Edit

Gumball and the gang want to visit a new playground.

The Race Edit

Gumball bets Tobias and the gang 100 dollars on a race. If he wins, he keeps his money and is "Too Cool For School", if he loses, Tobias takes his money and makes him do his homework for a month. So Gumball has to prepare fot the big race

The Selfie Edit

Darwin takes an embarrasing selfie and needs to take it down.

The Drug Edit

Gumball, Anais and Darwin hang out with Tobias, and he gives them weed.

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