The Amazing Spider-Man: Webbing Revenge is a 2018 film and a sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man: OsCorp Origins.


Peter and Harry are skateboarding to the graveyard. Peter wants to see his uncle and Gwen, Harry just wants to see Gwen. However, Gwen's gravestone isn't there. They go to OsCorp to meet his father, where they hear that Curt Connors escaped from prison! His cell mate, Cletus Kasady, is moved to Eddie Brock's cell. Peter goes back to the secret room where he got his powers, except this time he is caught by Ben Reilly. Eddie finds the symbiote that made him Venom and escapes jail by crashing through the wall. Cletus is jealous so he finds Venom tracks and hunts him down. However, it just brings him to a more powerful version of the Inheritance! He puts it on and becomes Carnage! Ben Reilly decides to get bitten by an OsCorp Spider, as he suspects Peter to be Spider-Man. He becomes a new Spider-Man that everyone calls Spider-Menace because he is evil. J. Johna Jameson hires a man named Max Fury to take pictures of Spider-Menace. Instead, he tries taking pictures of Spider-Man and is fired, wondering what he did wrong. He becomes Scorpio and tries to defeat Spider-Man. Ben Reilly teams up with Spider-Man, his new name Spider-Clone. Doc Ock tries to help Peter too, with a new set of 12 mechanical arms. Daredevil has retired, and Tony Stark destroyed his suit in Iron Man 3. Spider-Man goes and defeats the Green Goblin, and when the Goblin dies, he takes off his mask and sees it is Norman Osborn. Tony Stark helps Doc Ock with a suit he calls "MK Octopus", but that just makes him evil again! He works with Curt Connors to make more Spider-Men, except these ones are evil! Later, Curt Connors gets the spider who bit Peter and destroys it, causing Peter to be a normal person again. Connors takes the spider's DNA and mixes it with a human's, creating a 70% Spider 30% human, basically a Spider-Man with 8 arms named Spider-Doppleganger! Peter and Harry find out that Gwen Stacy is still alive but she moved to Los Angeles. Matt Murdock calls Peter and says that lots of the villains that they had fought together were going there and that Spidey would have to stop them. Peter finds a member at OsCorp named Dr. Green who has a cure. He turns back into Spidey and heads to L.A. with Harry and Aunt May. Eddie Brock, remembering all the good times Peter and him had, joins Spider-Man and becomes Anti-Venom.


The cast from the second movie and new cast members.

New Cast Members:

Cletus Kasady/Carnage (Moe Howard) Max Fury/Scorpio (Dwayne Johnson) Ben Reilly/Spider-Menace/Spider-Clone (Daniel Radcliffe) Spider-Men Voice (Will Smith) X-Spider/Spider-Men Leader Voice (Harry Styles) Spider-Doppleganger (George Lopez)

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