The All-New Super Mario Bros Adventures is a new puppet series produced by The Jim Henson Company on Nickelodeon airing on Sunday nights starting in 2017, with puppets by Jim Henson's Creature Shop New York, CGI character animation by Magnetic Dreams and Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, CGI environment by Jim Henson's Creature Shop, and visual effects by Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Optix Digital Pictures, and Magnetic Dreams. The series is created by Mitchell Kriegman, the creator of Bear in the Big Blue House and It's a Big Big World, and it's based on the Super Mario games by Nintendo. This will be the first series in a long time after It's a Big Big World to use Shadowmation, a technique that combines bunraku-style puppetry and computer-generated animation. The first two seasons will consist of 20 episodes, with the third, and final, season consisting of 13.



  • Mario: Bruce Lanoil
  • Luigi/Lemmy Koopa/Shy Guy/King Bob-omb: Matt Vogel
  • Princess Peach: Stephanie D'Abruzzo
  • Toad/Shy Guy/Chomp: Joey Mazzarino
  • Yoshi/Ludwig Koopa/Cheep Cheep/Chain Chomp/Blooper/Power Bee/Wiggler: John Kennedy
  • Bowser/Boo/Shy Guy/Goomba/Blargg/Spiny Cheep Cheep/Balloon Bully: Peter Linz
  • Bowser Jr./Toadette/Princess Rosalina/Teehee Butterfly/Miss Warp: Alice Dinnean-Vernon
  • Larry Koopa: Eric Jacobson
  • Morton Koopa/Bullet Bill/Bob-omb: Tyler Bunch
  • Wendy Koopa/Princess Daisy/Captain Toad: Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
  • Iggy Koopa/Shy Guy/Petey Piranha: David Rudman
  • Roy Koopa/Blue Toad: Ryan Dillon
  • Magikoopa/Bob-omb Buddy: Rickey Boyd
  • Wario/Yellow Toad: Jim Martin
  • Waluigi/Toady: Anthony Asbury
  • Toadsworth: Bill Baretta
  • Birdo: Carmen Osbahr
  • Boom Boom: Billy Barkhurst
  • Various Enemies (puppetry only): Steve Whitmire, Eric Jacobson, David Rudman, Ryan Dillon, Jim Martin, Matt Vogel, Peter Linz, Tyler Bunch, and Joey Mazzarino
  • Various Enemies (voices only): Frank Welker and Dee Bradley Baker


Further information: List of The All-New Super Mario Bros Adventures episodes


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Coming soon!

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