The Adventures of a Hobbit

The Adventures of a Hobbit is an upcoming 2012 video game set in J.RR Tolkeins Middle-earth and is a free roam game and the game is produced and released by Beenox and is only produced for the Xbox 360


The story is set 100-Years after the quest to destroy the One Ring, young 41-Year-Old Hobbit Mermiac Hamwich is a bored Hobbit wanting adventure, he finally gets his chance when Elves tell him The Shire is in grave danger...

Game Chapters

Chapter 1- The Shire

Chapter 2- An odd guest

Chapter 3- The Adventure begins

Chapter 4- Ambush

Chapter 5- Arrival at Rivendell

Chapter 6- An unusual alliance

Chapter 7- Dragons

Chapter 8- Death of a friend

Chapter 9- Return

Chapter 10- The Great Battle

Chapter 11- Epilogue


This is a roleplaying game where you can customize your Hobbit and play as him in the world of Middle-earth. It is a third person video game and features puzzles and riddles the gameplay and fights are simular to the Lord of the Rings video games and graphics are like a book

Upcoming Sequel

The writer of the game has announced that The Adventures of a Hobbit will be the first in a trilogy will be coming out soon

News just in the title of the sequel will be called The Adventures of a Hobbit II: The Journey Continues

And for the 3rd game its announced it will be called The Adventures of a Hobbit III: The Civil War

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