Thor battles various heroes and villains on Earth from the marvel universe.

Season 1: Tales of Asgard

No. Title Synopsis
1 Thor vs Odin, Pt. 1 Thor battles Odin who is under a spell.
2 Thor vs Odin, Pt. 2 Thor and Odin battle Kurse who put a spell on Odin.
3 Thor vs Laufey Thor battles Laufey, king of the Frost Giants.
4 Thor vs Hercules Thor faces off against Hercules in Asgard.
5 Thor vs Dormammu Thor battles Dormammu after he attacks Asgard.
6 Thor vs Hulk Thor clashes with the incredible Hulk.
7 Thor vs Morbius Thor battles Morbius, the living vampire with the aid of Spider-man. Loki asks Morbius to join the Masters of Evil.
8 Thor vs Beta Ray Bill Thor battles Beta Ray Bill on Earth. Beta Ray Bill and Thor part ways.
9 Thor vs Destroyer Thor attacks the Destroyer when he goes out of control.
10 Thor vs Ghost Rider, Pt. 1: Blackheart Thor battles Ghost Rider and Blackheart.
11 Thor vs Ghost Rider, Pt. 2: Vengeance Thor and Ghost Rider team up to face Vengeance.
12 Thor vs Inhumans Thor clashes against the Inhumans on Earth.
13 Thor vs Enchantress Thor fight the Enchantress who wants to control him.
14 Thor vs Silver Surfer Thor battles the Silver Surfer in space.
15 Thor vs Ego the Living Planet Thor face off against Ego the Living Planet.
16 Thor vs Grey Hulk Thor fights the Hulk after he turns into Grey Hulk.
17 Thor vs Wrecking Crew, Pt. 1: Piledriver Thor battles Piledriver of the Wrecking Crew.
18 Thor vs Wrecking Crew, Pt. 2: Thunderball Thor battles Thunderball of the Wrecking Crew.
19 Thor vs Wrecking Crew, Pt. 3: Bulldozer Thor battles Bulldozer of the Wrecking Crew.
20 Thor vs Wrecking Crew, Pt. 4: Wrecker Thor battles Wrecker of the Wrecking Crew.
21 Thor vs Kingpin Thor faces off against the Kingpin.
22 Thor vs Hela Thor battles Loki's daughter, Hela.
23 Thor vs Punisher Thor fights the Punisher in New York city.
24 Thor vs Loki, Pt. 1 Thor faces off against Loki who attacks Earth.
25 Thor vs Loki, Pt. 2 Thor battles Loki's monsters.
26 Thor vs Loki, Pt. 3 Thor battles Loki in Asgard.

Season 2: Tales of Suspence

No. Title Synopsis
27 Thor vs Executioner Thor clashes with the Executioner.
28 Thor vs HYDRA, Pt. 1 Thor faces HYDRA who attack New York city.
29 Thor vs HYDRA, Pt. 2 Thor faces HYDRA's dreadnoughts.
30 Thor vs HYDRA, Pt. 3 Thor fights Madame Hydra.
31 Thor vs HYDRA, Pt. 4 Thor facea off with Baron Strucker, Leader of HYDRA.
32 Thor vs Daredevil Thor battles Daredevil, the man without fear.
33 Thor vs Rhino Thor clashes against the Rhino.
34 Thor vs Guardians of the Galaxy Thor battles the Guardians of the Galaxy on Earth.
35 Thor vs Malekith the Accursed Thor faces Malekith the Accursed and his dark elf army.
36 Thor vs Graviton Thor fights Graviton in the sky.
37 Thor vs Tinkerer Thor battles the Tinkerer who escapes from the Big House.
38 Thor vs Absorbing Man Thor clashes with the Absorbing Man.
39 Thor vs Wizard Thor fights the Wingless Wizard.
40 Thor vs Red Hulk Thor battles the Red Hulk.
41 Thor vs Thor Thor battles a clone of himself.
42 Thor vs Mole Man Thor fights Mole Man and his creatures.
43 Thor vs Black Cat Thor faces off against the Black Cat.
44 Thor vs Dr. Doom, Pt. 1: Fantastic Four Thor battles the Fantastic Four.
45 Thor vs Dr. Doom, Pt. 2: Doombots Thor and the Fanatstic Four fight off Dr. Doom's Doombots.
46 Thor vs Dr. Doom, Pt. 3: Doomsday Thor battles Dr. Doom in New York city.
47 Thor vs Captain Marvel Thor clashes with Captain Marvel of the Kree empire.
48 Thor vs Green Goblin Thor fights the Green Goblin.
49 Thor vs Mandarin, Pt. 1: Ten Rings Thor battles the Mandarin in China.
50 Thor vs Mandarin, Pt. 2: Iron Man Thor battles the invincible Iron Man.
51 Thor vs Mandarin, Pt. 3: Fin Fang Foom Thor and Iron Man battle Fin Fang Foom.
52 Thor vs Mandarin, Pt. 4: Annihilation Thor battles the Mandarin in the Valley of Spirits.

Season 3: Tales of the Power Cosmic

No. Title Synopsis
53 Thor vs Atuma Thor battles Atuma who attacks Asgard.
54 Thor vs Blade Thor faces Blade, the vampire hunter.
55 Thor vs Sandman Thor battles the Sandman.
56 Thor vs She-Hulk Thor fights Hulk's cousin, She-Hulk.
57 Thor vs Captain America, Pt. 1: Super Soldier Thor clashes against Captain America.
58 Thor vs Captain America, Pt. 2: Baron Zemo Thor and Captain America battle Baron Zemo.
59 Thor vs Ronan the Accuser Thor fights Ronan the Accuser.
60 Thor vs Dragon Man Thor battles the Dragon Man.
61 Thor vs Leader, Pt. 1 Thor battles the Abomination.
62 Thor vs Leader, Pt. 2 Thor and Hulk battle the Leader and Abomination.
63 Thor vs Bullseye Thor faces off against Bullseye.
64 Thor vs Midgard Serpent Thor battles the Midgard Serpent.
65 Thor vs Juggernaut Thor clashes against the unstoppable Juggernaut.
66 Thor vs Dr. Strange Thor faces Dr. Strange, the sorcerer supreme.
67 Thor vs Jigsaw Thor faces Jigsaw in New York city.
68 Thor vs Surtur, Pt. 1 Thor fights Surtur's demons
69 Thor vs Surtur, Pt. 2 Thor fights Surtur in Muspelheim.
70 Thor vs Surtur, Pt. 3 Thor battles Surtur who attacks Asgard.
71 Thor vs Hobgoblin Thor faces off against the Hobgoblin.
72 Thor vs Cable Thor clashes with Cable, in the future.
73 Thor vs Puppet Master Thor faces the evil Puppet Master.
74 Thor vs Scar Thor battles Scar, son of Hulk.
75 Thor vs Silver Surfer, Pt. 1: Arrival Thor battles the Silver Surfer.
76 Thor vs Silver Surfer, Pt. 2: Nova Thor faces off against Nova.
77 Thor vs Silver Surfer, Pt. 3: Galactus Thor and Silver Surfer battle Galactus in space.
78 Thor vs Silver Surfer, Pt. 4: Cosmic Thor, Silver Surfer and Nova battle Galactus on Earth.

Season 4: Tales of Future Past

No. Title Synopsis
79 Thor vs Brotherhood, Pt. 1 Thor battles Pyro of the brotherhood 80 Thor vs Brotherhood, Pt. 2 Thor battles Mystique of the brotherhood
81 Thor vs Brotherhood, Pt. 3 Thor battles Magneto and Wolverine of the X-Men.
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