The story and the adventure begins on a planet, that looks almost pretty much like our own, where it is populated with anthropomorphic animals, talking pokemon and humans. The good wizard called Lugia and his three apprentices and heroes of the series: Oliver Prime the tiger, Bruce the bear and Buddy the gorilla, who lived in the peacful valley of Goldor was the most kindest and powerful creature, for he brought happiness to the valley by five rings he made from his magic book containing stories, and those rings have a different gemstone in each one, but, for the evil wizard Darkrai who lived up on 'The Dark Mountains of Nightmares' cared nothing more about the happiness that the good wizard is making i n the valley, all Darkrai wanted to do was first: conquest on the valley, then soon: rule the world.

Then the evil wizard thought of an idea that will put Lugia out of the way: at night he with his companion Stronius the Crocodile tip-toes down in to the valley disguised as travellers, and when they reached the good wizard's cabin, he tied up the wizard just when the appretices walked in through the door carrying fire wood, then Stronius grabbed Lugia and jumped into the magic book, which Lugia made his rings from, then Darkrai cast a black spell on Oliver and his friends that made them go into the book:


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