590px-Umi 02

Umi Saionji. The Leader Of the Akebono Martial Arts Tournament

Ladies and Gentlemen! The 2nd Akebono Martial Arts Tournament Begins NOW!

The Competitors Is Here!

Mario, Goku, Luigi, 'Vegeta, Sonic, Mallow, Geno, Yoshi, Tails, Rei, Alex, Ash, Paul, Bowser, Spongebob and Sandy.

Umi Saionji ( Kenji's Fiancee ) Is In Charge. The Rules Are The Same.

You Fail In The Platform or You Give Up, You Lost The Battle.

Or You Pinch The Eyes Of The Competitor or You Punch In The Competitor Delicate Parts You're Disqualified Of The Tournament.

The 3 Steps are Get Ready, Training and Enjoy the Tournament.

Let The Tournament Begin!

2nd Akebono Martial Arts Tournament

The Tournament Board

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