Tex Richman

Tex Richman

Tex Richman is a minor antagonist allied to Xehanort's 13 Darknesses/Syndicate alliance in Kingdom Hearts III: Reconnect.

Role in Reconnect

The Muppet Studios world hosts an untapped source of pure darkness that filled its inhabitants with despair. King Mickey and his friends, the Muppets, had a theater built on top of the source of darkness to keep it sealed away, and so that the Muppets could perform in the theater, filling anyone in the area with happiness and laughter instead of sorrow. However, by sheer coincidence, on top of the darkness is a vast well of oil that could make a lot of money for anyone who discovers that oil.

Tex, having hated the Muppets for what they did to him on his 10th birthday, plans to destroy the now abandoned Muppet Theater so that he could mine the oil beneath the theater. But what the greedy land baron does not realize is that the help he's receiving, Isa, is planning for him to drill enoigh beneath the theater so that once all the oil is mined out, the pure darkness will end up flowing out of the well and end up consuming Tex so that his heart could be used to create more Heartless for Master Xehanort's darkness army.

Once the Muppet Telethon begins, Tex tries to do all he can to shut down the telethon and get the Muppets out of the theater. Eventually, his rage and anger ends up releasing both the oil and darkness out of the Muppet Theater, causing both sources to fuse into a mechanical crab-like heartless called the Barrel Crab. This Heartless is controlled by Isa using a Heartless Summon Stone, but Sora manages to destroy the Heartless, removing the oil and pure darkness out of the Muppet Theater forever. In the meantime, Tex finally realizes the error of his ways after being hit in the head by Gonzo's bowling ball act, and decides to allow the Muppets to keep the deed and rights to the Muppet Theater, thereby effectively terminating his connection to the Xehanort armada.

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