Everyone Liked "My Life As A Teenage Robot", right? (leave your comments in the discussion page) So, let's get it back. So if any of you knows someone who works on Nickelodeon. SHAKE EM DOWN!!!!! Shake em down until They convince the board of directors to make more Teenage Robot

And i got the voice cast figured out already

Janice Kawaye-Jenny Wakemen

Chad Dorek-Brad Carbuckle, additional voices\

Audrey Wasilwiski-Tuck Carbuckle

Candi Milo-Nora Wakemen, PaTarica, various

Cree Summer Tiff and Vexus

Cheryl Chase-Allison (new girl)

Grey DeLeslie-additional voices

Nika Futterman-additional voices


It has been suggested that Janice Kawaye, Chad Dorek, Audrey Wasilwiski, and Candi Milo return to reprise their characters

Cheryl Chase has been added to the main cast as Allison

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