Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes In A Half Shell is an idea for animated TV series. It has five seasons and retells the story of the turtles and their rat sensei - Splinter.

TMNTHHS Season 1 Logo

As it begins thirty years ago in Japan. Splinter's master Hamato Yoshi is a member of the Foot Clan. Yoshi had a bitter rivalry with a fellow clan member, Oroku Nagi. They competed fiercely in all things. They both fell in love with a beautiful girl named Tang Shen, but she loved only one of them in return: Splinter's Master, Yoshi. Nagi became extremely jealous and one night in a fit of rage he went to Tang Shen's home and demanded that she love only him. She refused, and Nagi began to beat her. Just then, Yoshi came upon them, and in a fit of red rage he slew Nagi. This was a shameful act in the eyes of the Foot Clan, as one member must never kill another. Yoshi had two choices: he could take his own life in ritual suicide and hope for honor in the next life, or he could flee the Clan and attempt to start a new life. Master Yoshi decided on the latter, and fled to New York City with Tang Shen, Splinter, and a few possessions. He started his own martial arts school and all went well for years.

Fifteen years after Nagi's death in Japan, his brother Saki had sworn vengeance against Yoshi. His anger pushed him to become a premiere ninja in the Foot, and as a reward for his hard work and diligence, the Clan sent him to New York City to lead the Big Apple's branch of ninjas. Saki recognized this as his opportunity to reap his revenge against Hamato Yoshi and slay him. Anguished over the death of his Master, Splinter fled to the alleys and lived off of garbage scraps. Until the day when a TCRI truck drove by, and a strange canister flew out of its hold. The container struck a young man in the head, bounced off of the pavement and smashed into a boy's aquarium filled with turtles. The shattered glass, canister and turtles all fell into an open manhole cover, dropping into the murky sewer below. The metal container held some strange chemical, and when it hit the floor of the sewer it broke, bathing the turtles in its glowing ooze. Splinter, curious, went to see what had become of the turtles. He collected them into a coffee can and cleaned the goo off of them as best he could. The next day the wise rat found that he and the turtles were mutating... becoming more human-like with each passing day! Eventually the turtles spoke, and Splinter began to set his own plan for vengeance into motion. He began training the turtles in the art of ninjitsu that he had learned from Hamato Yoshi. He named each turtle after a famous Renaissance artist, whose names he had found in an old book forsaken in the sewer.

Now they must avenge Splinter's master Yoshi and kill Saki, now called the Shredder. They also must face some new enemies, make new friends and will discover that there are other mutants just like them.


  • Leonardo
  • Donatello
  • Raphael
  • Michelangelo
  • Splinter
  • April O'Neil
  • Casey Jones
  • Shredder
  • Krang
  • Baxter Stockman
  • Bebop
  • Rocksteady
  • Metalhead
  • Rat King
  • Muckman
  • Punk Frogs
  • General Blanque
  • Chrome Dome
  • The Technodrome
  • The Purple Dragons

Additional Characters for other seasons:

  • Zach
  • Leatherhead
  • Mondo Gecko
  • Hun
  • Pizza Face
  • Slash
  • Scumbug
  • Traag and Granitor

Flashback Characters:

  • Hamato Yoshi
  • Tang Shen
  • Oroku Nagi

List of Episodes

Season 1

Episode Title
Episode Plot
Heroes In A Half Shell, part 1
The Turtles learn their origin and set out to get revenge on the Shredder…
Heroes In A Half Shell, part 2
After infiltrating into Shredder's building, the turtles must fight and beat the Shredder himself.
A Thing About Rats
Scientist Baxter Stockman uses his latest invention for crime, leading the Turtles to meet his assistant April O'Neil.
Invasion Of The Punk Frogs
Surprisingly, members of the Foot Clan attack the turtles at Central Park. Then dozens of mutated frogs treaten to invade New York.
The Trap
The Shredder makes an alliance with an alien named Krang. He also sends his new mutated henchmen to find the turtles.
The Making Of Metalhead
After seeing a strange sybmol at Baxter's lab, Donatello decides to send his new invention to check it, but then Metalhead disappears...
Enter The Rat King
Leonardo and Splinter use their spare time to inspect the tunnels near the lair, but discover that they have an unfriendly neighbour.
Casey Jones: The Outlaw Hero
A frustrated Raphael meets the vigilante Casey Jones.
Muckman Messes Up
Donatello and April O'Neil penetrate in a military junkyard but they end up trapped there with another mutant.
Raphael tells his brothers about TCRI and they go to investigate the mysterious building where they learn more about their origin.
Enter The Fly
Baxter Stockman tries to develop the mutagen, but ends up mutating. He wants to get his revenge and first in the list is his ex assistant - April O'Neil.
Attack Of The Technodrome, part 1
Splinter has a strange dream which turns out to be very real… An alien invasion!
Attack Of The Technodrome, part 2
The turtles must stop the giant Technodrome.

Season 2

Episode Title
Episode Plot
The Worms Of Madness
A foot mystic finds the Shredder's dead body in the Hudson river and manages to bring it back to life but in a new form.
Cockroach Invasion
The turtles discover a new problem down in the sewers and it's Raphael's gratest fear.
The Year of the Dragon
Casey Jones' arch enemy Hun is in New York for a festival called The Year Of The Dragon.
Michelangelo Meets Mondo Gecko
Michelangelo meets a lizard called Mondo Gecko.
Pizza Face
The turtles discover what pizza is. However, when Michelangelo goes to Manhattan's Pizza Hut, he realises that the food isn't always being prepared with love.
The Fifth Turtle
A boy named Zach appears to know about the turtles and Leonardo is the one who must persuade the kid that following them can be dangerous.
Project X
The turtles finally meet their stolen DNA, the project X created nine months ago, now known as Slash.
The Return of the Technodrome
The Technodrome returns from the bottom of Hudson river.
The Fall
The Shredder returns and gets his revenge on the turtles forcing them to exile.
The turtles, Splinter, April and Casey move to the Jones farmhouse in Northampton to rest.
Leatherhead: Terror of the Swamp
When the turtles involve themselves into a new mess, they must overcome their physical and mental wounds quickly.
Return to New York, Part 1
The turtles return to New York and break into the Foot Headquarters for a showdown with the Shredder.
Return to New York, Part 2
The turtles return to New York and break into the Foot Headquarters for a showdown with the Shredder.